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Downloads top 10, September 2003

by snout on 01-09-2003, 00:38
Topic: MRC

Since we introduced our freeware downloads database we have been receiving many interesting titles. There are now over a 100 interesting titles available for download. If you want to know which are the most popular files, here's the top 10 so far.:

  • 01.

Best SCC game song ever [round 2]

by snout on 01-09-2003, 00:27
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

As our frequent visitors should know by now we're working on a massive mega-poll in which we're looking for the best MSX game song ever. We started looking for the best PSG song ever, 3 days ago we started the first round of voting for the best SCC game song ever.

We reported before about the upcoming MSX Fair in Oss, to be held on January 17th, 2004.

MSX Banzai! - Restyled

by snout on 30-08-2003, 20:53
Topic: Websites

In 1997 Patriek Lesparre launched MSX Banzai!, subtitled the MSX worshipping shrine. On this site one can find information on many different types of (rare) MSX computers and trivial information on special models, prototypes and extraordinary hardware.

Retroman's MSX Projects - link added

by snout on 29-08-2003, 20:41
Topic: Websites

We've just added a link to Retroman's MSX Projects, a website where you can read all about Retroman's MSX activities.

MSX-NBNO opens MSX forum

by snout on 29-08-2003, 00:24
Topic: Websites

Source: MSX Mailinglist

MSX NBNO, the organisation of the annual MSX fair in Oss opened up a forum on which MSX and especially NBNO/Oss-fair related topics can be discussed.

Best SCC game song ever [round 1]

by snout on 29-08-2003, 00:11
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After 3 days of easy listening to MSX Radio the time has come to cast votes once again. We are going to find out which is the best MSX game song ever. After our search for the best PSG game songs ever, we will now find out which the best SCC game songs ever are.

Source: Enrico Barbisan

For the second time this year MSX can be found on the cover of a normal computing magazine. After the MSX Resource center interview in @rroba magazine the Italian magazine Hacker Journal was the next to take this interesting step.

Aleste English

by Sama on 28-08-2003, 11:38
Topic: Translations

Many people will remember Compile's shoot 'em up Aleste 1. It's sequel was voted third in the best MSX2 game ever mega-poll. Basically this game took shoot 'em ups on the MSX to another level.

MSX DenYu Land 2003?

by snout on 27-08-2003, 12:14
Topic: Events

In 2001 the most recent edition of DenYu land was held. Despite it's success and the MSX Revival this special MSX fair was postponed last year.

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