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MSX Solutions - Final 2008 update

by wolf_ on 30-12-2008, 12:18
Topic: Websites

In less than 36 hours, 2008 will be a goner. And still, Brazilian map expert only_69 manages to spice up the last days with three new maps.

New Nemesis remake

by Bart on 29-12-2008, 19:12
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

On MSX, the Nemesis saga is one of the most popular game concepts by Konami, perhaps only topped by their Metal Gear games. And not without reason: the Nemesis games (including Parodius and Salamander) were great action games with memorable music, stunning graphics for MSX1 and great gameplay.

Invasion of the Big Pixels

by wolf_ on 28-12-2008, 17:01
Topic: Software

Swedish MSX programmer Sdw has just finished his first MSX demo. It's a production with a style similar to modern retro demos on other systems, in other words: no boring scroll 'n logo, just great effects such as bumpmapping, fullscreen plasmas, etc. Requirements for this fresh new demo are: MSX1 with 64kB RAM and 16kB VRAM. Enjoy!

C-BIOS 0.22

by wolf_ on 27-12-2008, 19:42
Topic: Emulation

A new version of C-BIOS has been released only moments ago! C-BIOS is a substitute BIOS which can be used for running MSX emulators. Currently, it only supports the execution of ROM files.

bgMSX - Final Fantasy soundtrack added

by Ivan on 27-12-2008, 16:38
Topic: Music

bgMSX, a site dedicated to MSX music which currently contains more than 2,100 songs from 120 games and 51 composers, has recently added to their ever growing database the soundtrack of Square Enix/Microcabin's game

Knightmare Gold R3

by ant0niutti on 23-12-2008, 21:27
Topic: Software

A new version of Knightmare Gold was released by Amusement Factory. New in this version:

  • Midas Loader 3.0.0
  • SCC Audio
  • Water animation on rivers
  • Support for multiple IDEs and CD-ROMS
  • Improvements on CD player routines
  • More bugs fixed

MSXdev08: #1 Peek-a-boo

by viejo_archivero on 22-12-2008, 21:44
Topic: Software

It's been almost three months since we heard any news about the yearly MSXdev competition.

MRC MEGA-Challenge - Results

by snout on 22-12-2008, 13:33
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Finally, finally, finally! After a very long wait we can bring you the results of the MRC MEGA Challenge. More than 2 years since we started the challenge, and almost 6 months since it closed.

New Django translations

by wolf_ on 21-12-2008, 22:02
Topic: Translations

Django has been a busy bee. All kinds of games have been partially translated by him into English and/or French. These translations have been made available through Passion MSX over recent times.

dvik & joyrex website

by dvik on 21-12-2008, 20:53
Topic: Websites

The duo Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam, the persons behind the group dvik & joyrex, have updated their website and added information and downloads of all the games, demos, and tools they have developed over the years.

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