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by Bastiaan on 30-05-2011, 10:47
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Sharksym has released a new bios version for his SD/MMC card.

Obsonet and Denyonet BIOS updated

by konamiman on 26-05-2011, 11:43
Topic: Hardware

While testing the Denyonet card at Sunrise' home, a bug in its BIOS was found that caused some computers to hang as soon as the floppy disk drive was accessed (the bug was reproduced on Philips MSX2 machines but not on Turbo-R machines). As MRC user caro has pointed out, the Obsonet BIOS had the same problem.

Zone Terra declared freeware

by Alex on 24-05-2011, 23:10
Topic: Software

Today, Quadrivium declared the MSX turbo-R shoot-em-up Zone Terra freeware. Zone Terra is a vertical shooter with several astronomical MSX2+ images in the background, making it one of the few games to feature such MSX2+ graphics.

On the third of May a two hour radio show was broadcast in Finland. The subject was 30 years of home computers. One of the first callers asked what the difference is between MSX and Android.

MSXdev'11: #03 Night Escape

by wolf_ on 20-05-2011, 14:17
Topic: Software

The third entry is in. Sherif Hashem has made a game, entirely made in MSX-BASIC, in which you have to find your way in a not too complex maze. The catch is that this maze is only seen during its build-up. After that you'll be moving around blind, bumping onto walls. This wouldn't be so bad if not for a nasty enemy trying to catch you. It's not a very easy game.

OCM-PLD Pack 3.0

by KdL on 20-05-2011, 14:05
Topic: Development

A new version of KdL's OCM-PLD pack was released yesterday. With these OCM-PLD updates you can inject your 1chipMSX with new features. When the 1chipMSX first hit the news, many years ago, it was just an MSX1 machine. This resulted in mixed feelings among MSX fans, who were hoping for a spectacular MSX3, or at least a turbo-R.

Black Onyx translation

by JohnHassink on 16-05-2011, 23:49
Topic: Translations

From Polaris, an inhabitant of the France-based MSX Village, here's a present for the MSX community. It's a translation of a vintage Japanese RPG called Black Onyx. A help file is included.

Vampire Killer comparison video

by JohnHassink on 16-05-2011, 23:41
Topic: Websites

To those who enjoy well-crafted YouTube videos, strafefox shouldn't be a complete stranger.

The TV show Nickdutnik, a program about web culture and technology, have produced and broadcast a 10 minute-long report completely dedicated to the MSX system, its highlights, games, different generations, and its history - from its creation and to the actual development.

MSXdev'11: M-Tanks announced

by wolf_ on 06-05-2011, 00:21
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Yet another new game project was just announced for MSXdev'11: M-Tanks, by a developer who calls himself Assembler. While not much is known about this game, it looks like multiple players will be able to shoot each other to kingdom come in this top-down tank game.

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