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Gandhara translation improved

by JohnHassink on 27-09-2011, 03:58
Topic: Translations

Back in 2008, the enthousiastic fan translator known as DJANGO gave us a partial translation of

Yes, we know that YouTuber strafefox is no stranger to the MRC community, and yes, we're aware about Youtube's handy 'Subscribe' function.

MSXRio 2011 photo shoot

by JohnHassink on 27-09-2011, 02:21
Topic: Photo shoots

When my baby smiles at me, I go to Rio de Janeiro! Well, besides that, there can be other reasons to visit this intriguing metropol.

Sdatcher - English subtitled

by JohnHassink on 27-09-2011, 01:29
Topic: MSX Related

Avid readers of our news updates may have noticed our news reports concerning a certain joint effort by Japanese game design veterans Hideo Kojima and Suda51.

Pérez the Mouse announced

by JohnHassink on 25-09-2011, 22:23
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

A new entry has been announced for this year's Konamito's MSX-BASIC contest. If you think mice are somewhat underrepresented in favor of penguins, you'll be content with the protagonist of this game.

11th Retro GameConsole Fair

by JohnHassink on 25-09-2011, 22:21
Topic: Events

The second of october 2011, Bonami will be organising the 11th Retro GameConsole Fair at De Stolp. The adress is De Stolp, Violierenplein 101 Apeldoorn. Entrance is 2 euro.

msxDS 0.91

by wolf_ on 25-09-2011, 11:39
Topic: Emulation

A new version of msxDS, an MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for DS/DS Lite, has just been released.

Penguin Adventure review

by msd on 18-09-2011, 12:49
Topic: Software

Some people are just funny to listen to, and for them and us, YouTube is a golden invention. Like, who could ever forget Deceased Crab?

MRC 2k11 launch event - Event Eleven!

by Sama on 11-09-2011, 21:25
Topic: MRC

In a bit more than a month we are finally ready to launch the brand new installment of the MSX Resource Center, and we would like to invite you to its launch party!

Newsletter poll down, Space Manbow poll up

by wolf_ on 11-09-2011, 21:05
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

How exciting, this is the last poll in MRC2k2 style! *sob* Before we get to introduce this emotional milestone we still have to deal with the previous poll. So, would people like to receive new MRC newsletters? A nice round amount of 50 people have cast their votes, here are the results:

  • Yes, please! 60% (30)
  • No, thank you!

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