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Visitors of Event Eleven and readers of this topic on our active MSX Forum already know the true meaning of the mysterious Project Melancholia.

Matra update

by nanochess on 31-10-2011, 18:29
Topic: Websites

Matra Corporation, an enthusiast group of Spanish MSX users, has updated its website. New additions to the website's cartridge catalogue are:

  • Azurro 8-bit Jam (Relevo Videogames)
  • Dr.

In some parts of the world, one has to rely on the tooth fairy to trade their milk teeth for a small gift. In other places, this job is done by a little mouse called Pérez.

MSX Solutions, the shrine of MSX gamehints, tricks and maps, published a map of Kralizec's platformer which was based on the motion picture. Until recently, this cartridge could be bought at Sunrise.

Two games have been added to the catalogue of the MSX Cartridge Shop. Thanks to the efforts of people within the MSX community, one of them is MSX2+/Turbo R high-speed platformer Sonyc by Analogy.

Unfortunately, time is not on commodorejohn's hand. Roughly half a year ago he registered his game project as a megarom, in which adventure and action would be combined. But alas, like many of us, he grows older and has other priorities.

The MSX classics Metal Gear and Solid Snake will be re-released again! - banner tests

by snout on 24-10-2011, 17:39
Topic: MRC

During the upcoming week(s) we will be testing several different banner programs in the header of our website. As a service to our active members, these banners can be disabled when you are logged in, by adjusting the advertisement settings under My Account.

During Event Eleven, right after the presentation of Project Melancholia (a new, English translation of SD-Snatcher) another game translation project was announced.

Event Eleven Photoshoot

by snout on 24-10-2011, 16:11
Topic: Photo shoots

On October 15th, 2011 we celebrated the upcoming launch of the long awaited MRC 2k11 - the brand new MSX Resource Center with a completely revamped layout and a brand new backend, built on Pressflow, MediaWIKI and SOLR.

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