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Nowind interface software updated

by Sky_hawk on 30-01-2013, 21:09
Topic: Development
Tags: Nowind

The Nowind USB interface software has received some small bugfixes, updated firmware, Windows drivers and a MacOSX host application.

G9klib v0.7 released

by msd on 30-01-2013, 20:49
Topic: Development
Tags: GFX9000

msd has released an update to G9klib, the library with useful routines for GFX9000 development.

The judges have submitted their reports for the #msxdev compo and their results are now online. Now it's time for you to vote!

Metal Gear medley in TriloTracker

by Jorito on 28-01-2013, 20:56
Topic: Music

GRYZOR87 created a medley in TriloTracker beta that merges Metal Gear, Solid Snake and Metal Gear Solid in a nice mixture of SCC and PSG.

Revival Studios' highscore competition for Astrododge has ended and the winners have been announced.

Wells & Fargo theme by WYZ

by Jorito on 25-01-2013, 16:23
Topic: Music
Tags: WYZ

Spanish maestro WYZ freshened up the Wells & Fargo theme song in this pure PSG arrangement.

MRC admin started his favorite music tool to pleasure you with new tunes.


by Jorito on 24-01-2013, 22:11
Topic: Software

A new game by Super (idler) man MSX from Japan, Vulgardry is a 3DRPG maze game for MSX1.

Spanish group ASM starts experimenting with a Ghost 'n Goblins remake for Graphics 9000.

A bunch of (SD) Snatcher scans from various MSX magazines have been uploaded to JunkerHQ forums.

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