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The next MSX fair Nijmegen is held on January 23th, 2016. Participants can register their booths as of now!

Relearning MSX

by Unregistered user on 25-11-2015, 21:23
Topic: Development

Learn to program in MSX-C.

Z80ST Software blog reactivated

by Pac on 21-11-2015, 13:23
Topic: Websites

Z80ST Software is back!

Orbit update

by meits on 16-11-2015, 14:40
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Orbit, Worp3

How an MSX compatible super computer slowly takes shape.

And again a musical remake by Jorito.

MIX - Korean MIDI interface3 clone

by Retrofan on 13-11-2015, 20:02
Topic: Hardware
Tags: MIDI

Jun Soft, who also made the Dal-So-Ri OPL4 board, has finished his own version of the MIDI Interface3 board.


by Pac on 11-11-2015, 17:56
Topic: Media
Tags: Magazines

MSX AREA, the only Spanish MSX paper magazine nowadays, will release the seventh issue on the 5th of December at the 48th MSX RU in Barcelona.

CheatMSX updates

by syn on 10-11-2015, 22:49
Topic: Websites

A round-up of the recent updates on CheatMSX

Gunzip 1.1 for MSX released

by Grauw on 09-11-2015, 19:58
Topic: Software
Tags: grauw, gunzip, gzip

Grauw’s gzip (.gz) archive decompressor leveled up!

MSX at the Dublin Institute of Technology

by Pac on 03-11-2015, 18:28
Topic: Media

MSX is still present at modern educational institutions.

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