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fMSX-Android 4.5.4

by snout on 31-05-2016, 19:32
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

New features and improvements in fMSX-Android.

openMSX Launcher 1.6

by Jorito on 30-05-2016, 20:00
Topic: Emulation
Tags: openMSX

oelsha has released a new version of the multi platform openMSX Launcher.

Finally a shoot'em up game for v9990!

New resources have been added to the MSX Info Pages.

One of the legendary and frequently underestimated Japanese game developers returns!

MSX forum: well over 250.000 posts!

by snout on 22-05-2016, 22:57
Topic: MRC
Tags: Milestones

Our MSX forum broke through the 250,000 posts barrier

Learn about MSX-C functions, storage classes, variable scopes and more

Create music with your VDP on a CRT screen by alternating black and bright colours

YS8 - The Lacrimosa of DANA

by snout on 22-05-2016, 21:35
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Falcom, Ys

Falcom's YS series continues on Playstation Vita and PS4.

Konami used the HP 64100 Logic Development System to develop software for MSX and other platforms.

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