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The MSX2 version of the original speccy game by "The Mojon Twins" has just been made available for download.

MSXdev'15 final report and winners

by Konamito on 25-06-2016, 10:28
Topic: Development
Tags: MSXdev

MSXdev'15 - the verdict of the jury is in, after all!

Tromax and Konamito have launched a petition requesting Konami to re-release physical MSX games from their extensive library.

BitLogic gets physical release

by snout on 18-06-2016, 19:44
Topic: Software

MSXDev'15 entry BitLogic has been released on a cartridge with LEDs by Matra

8bits4ever MSX interfaces

by Pac on 17-06-2016, 19:29
Topic: Hardware

Behind this name there is a relatively new and little known Spanish hardware developer for MSX and ZX Spectrum.

Uwol, Quest For Money

by Imanok on 14-06-2016, 23:27
Topic: Software
Tags: AAMSX, Imanok

Imanok and AAMSX bring us this port for MSX2 from an original speccy game.

MSX FPU - coprocessor by TecnoBytes

by snout on 14-06-2016, 10:03
Topic: Hardware

TecnoBytes announce an upcoming Floating Point Unit & library for MSX

The third generation of MMC/SD intergaces boosts speed, adds MegaRAM and SDHC and a software scanline effect

Koichiro's MSX works 6th update

by Pac on 12-06-2016, 18:20
Topic: Music

The last update of this nice SCC & PSG music site, now with compositions for Trilotracker.

MSXDev '15 concluded without winner

by snout on 11-06-2016, 14:58
Topic: Challenges
Tags: Konamito, MSXdev

MSXDev'15 ends without jury report of its entries.

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