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DSK-PRO 11.1 Deep Impact Version

by cbsfox on 30-03-2017, 18:53
Topic: Software
Tags: copier, disk, dsk-pro, tool

New update to this disk copier

51st Barcelona MSX users meeting

by Pac on 29-03-2017, 18:54
Topic: Events
Tags: AAMSX, meetings

On saturday the 17th of June, the 51st edition of the MSXRU will be held in Barcelona

Kai Magazine releases a brand new racing game for MSX2 and MSX2+

"RMD" - a new vertical shooter

by ro on 26-03-2017, 13:50
Topic: Development
Tags: game, rmd, Shooter

Naoki Ito releases his latest MSX game

An MML based music editor for PC and Mac. Still in beta, but already quite elaborate

The Dutch game Zoo has been translated to English and French.

Brazilian hardware developer Technobytes works on a 4MB mapper cartridge.

A Maze of Galious-like adventure game, by a developer who's heart is still with MSX

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