MSX Revival

by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2001, 00:00

Launch of the revival project

ASCII corp hasn't frozen everything yet, Nishi says, and is inviting everyone to give input on the MSX. There are about 70.000 MSX software titles, so ASCII decided to create an official complete MSX emulator. The ASCII MSX emulator is going to be released for free on the internet. It will run on Linux, Windows and Apple. MSX player is developed for intent OS (which is a OS on an OS, in this case Linux). The emulator can run on many platforms because of intent. ASCII is going to alter the software so it can run on a mobile phone, because ASCII thinks playing games on a phone is an important feature. ASCII is trying to define the future platform of MSX based on the MSX player. Distribution of software will be through the internet. ASCII thought of the name MSX.NET for the project. Nishi jokes around about and legal issues. ASCII is also going to setup MSX server. A large website containing information, images, etc, etc. Nishi thinks the people are reactivating MSX and is impressed by the activities of all MSX fans who are still developing. The MSX server is totally based on the internet and will contain a billing and payment system, so developers can publish their creations on Nishi wishes to create a platform for MSX developers to sell their products. How does ASCII is going to make money is the discussion, but he thinks there must be a way.

The one-chip MSX

Arm is going to be the CPU, Intent and Linux are the OS. MSX one-chip is linux all the way. There is going to be a programmable radio packet device, a wireless packet device. Nishi gives the example that he wants to put a MSX chip in his shoes, which can tell him how many miles he walked today. He continues with another example of MSX in the toilet (very interesting example), so that the toilet can tell you you drank to much the night before.