Newsletter #10

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Welcome to the 10th edition of the MSX Resource Center newsletter. Once again, we have a whole bunch of MSX news waiting for you. A lot has happened during the past few months. We have seen a spectacular amount of new software for MSX. We have tried to make a selection of the most interesting news since newsletter #9, but with the amounts of news we are receiving these days several things go easily overlooked. If you don't want to miss out on any MSX news, visit our frontpage and forums on a daily basis! As a member, you can take part in the discussions in our forums and/or react to newsposts on our website. Show the MSX community you're out there!

As usual we start with the latest news on the MSX Resource Center. Once again, we moved our website to a new, faster and more reliable webserver. While we were at it we introduced a huge list of improvements and small fixes to our website. One of the biggest improvements is the new search engine which allows you to find any MSX newspost, website, forumpost or download with just a few clicks. - MRC Moves and Restyles again!

Recently, we introduced another way to keep up to date on the MRC: RSS feeds! With an RSS reader you can follow the latest MSX news, forumposts and reactions on your very own desktop! - MSX News RSS feeds - MRC RSS feeds for forums and reactions

More good news from the front: We broke many, many records once again. In a very short timespan Nedstat counted our 1.000.000th visitor, more than 500 members of our website were listed in our contacts list and the 1.500th newspost was published on our frontpage. The Dutch MSX Resource Center is doing fine as well, as more than 1000 newsposts have already been translated from English to Dutch. The Spanish MSX Resource Center is nearing the 1000 newsposts barrier as well. The next step in multilingual MSX news? Portuguese! However, to accomplish this we do need some volunteers who'd like to help out translating! - 1.000.000 visitors on the MSX Resource Center - 1.500 newsposts on the MSX Resource Center - 1.000 newsposts translated on the Dutch MSX Resource Center - 500 users in the Contacts List - Portuguese translators wanted

When we started our very first programming contest, the MRC Snowfall Challenge, no one expected it would be as successful as it turned out to be. Within 6 weeks, the MSX Community created 25 snowfall demo's, which were carefully rated by our guest-juror Wammes Witkop (former chief editor and publisher of the highly popular Dutch MSX magazine MCM). At the moment, there are less than 4 weeks left to complete the entries for our current contest: an all-area Under Water Challenge. Games, demos, music and graphics are all valid entries to this competition, as long as they apply to the theme 'Under Water'. Of course you can win interesting prizes in this competition as well! - Snowfall Challenge (results) - MRC Under Water Challenge - MRC Under Water Challenge - Extra prizes.

MRC webmaster Rieks Warendorp Torringa had a short yet exciting stay in Japan, where he got to visit the Aiky (the company formerly known as Compile) headquarters. Of course he took some pictures and wrote a fully detailed report on this event! - MRC goes Japan - again

* MSX Revival

After the release of MSX Magazine 2, which got a lot of attention in the Japanese bookstores, things got a little quiet at the MSX Revival. Until today, when we received our MSX Game Reader, an USB device that allows you to play MSX Cartridges on PC using the official MSX emulator: MSXPLAYer. A detailed review, including several pictures of the Game Reader in action can be found on the MRC. - MSX Game Reader

* Emulation

MSX emulators get more and more accurate and are becoming increasingly user-friendly these days. Many emulators get updated rather frequently, adding support for MSX hardware and software that could not be emulated previously. Below is a list of the latest version of several MSX emulators, including fMSX/S60, the MSX emulator for Nokia Series 60 phones. - BlueMSX 1.3.0 - openMSX 0.3.4 - paraMSX 0.44b - fMSX-SDL 2.7 openGL - fMSX/S60 1.00a/b

* Fairs and Meetings

This Saturday the MSX fair in Tilburg will be held. MSX users from the Netherlands (and often several other countries) gather to talk about MSX, show and sell their latest creations and to look at what's going on in the MSX community. MSX Resource Center will be there, demonstrating the MSX Game Reader. - Tilburg 2004 standholders

The Southern Kantou meetings are the place to be for active MSX users in Japan. Bernard Lamers visited the 32nd Southern Kantou meeting and sent us a detailed report including a nice photo shoot. The article contains a first look at the MSX Game Reader and a truly impressive MSX software collection. - 32nd Southern Kantou meeting

* Translations

Illusion City is one of the most spectacular MSX games ever released. The Microcabin game was published on no less than 8 disks, and only ran on the MSX turboR. Supported by stunning FM-PAC or MIDI (MT-32) music an interesting story developed... in Japanese. But now, the game has been partly translated to English. Even better, the game runs on an ordinary MSX2 as well, although 7MHz or turboR are still highly recommended. - Illusion City English

* Software

As stated earlier, a lot of MSX software was released in the first months of 2004. The year took off with 25 brand new snowfall demo's, but there was a lot more action going on! First and foremost, the long awaited game Bombaman was finished and released on the MSX fair in Oss. MSX Resource Center published an in-depth review of the game just before its release-date. Read the review and find out if the game truly lives up to the 'buzz' it has been generating for the past few years. - Bombaman review

The MNBIOS project is one of the biggest software projects for MSX: a completely new Operating System, not backwards compatible with the MSX BIOS. The OS offers long filenames, multitasking and many useful BIOS routines ready to be used. The very first demo version was released for those who can't wait for the final release. Although the capabilities of this first demo are fairly limited, the MNBIOS project looks very promising. A new demo will be released soon! - MNBIOS Demo

Nyyrikki, an active MSX developer from Finland entered the Alternative Party competition with an MSX demo, Sieni Pakottaa and won the 4th prize. His demo is now available in the MRC downloads database and is well worth having a look at. - Sieni Pakottaa

MSX is about more than just playing games and watching demo's. Meridian brings serious MIDI sequencing and editing to the MSX, and even allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the OPL4 soundchip (Moonsound). Internestor Lite adds Internet connection capabilities to MSX-DOS. - Meridian 3.0 beta3 - Internestor Lite 0.2

Two interesting re-releases in our downloads database: Kink, a nice little game created by Manuel Bilderbeek and Big Eddi's Revenge, a rare yet nice MSX turboR demo. - Kink - Big Eddi's Revenge

Karoshi Corporation are an active duo of MSX developers who are working on many MSX1 projects at a time. Two of their upcoming releases are a PSG Sampler (part of a PSG Tracker project) and a racing game: Final Lap. As a teaser, a beta version of the PSG Sampler and an Introvideo demo of Final Lap were released - Karoshi's PSG Sampler - Final Lap - Introdemo

Also, several popular games from other platforms were ported to MSX recently. Here's an overview: - SCSIcide for MSX - Bomb Jack for MSX - Girls Garden for MSX - Where in the World is Carmen San Diego for MSX - Super Puzzle Fighter 2x - Graphic demo

Well, that about wraps it up. Of course, there were many more things we reported about since our last newsletter. In fact, there were 246 newsposts since our last newsletter, which was sent on December 28th, 2003. So once again, if you really want to keep track of the latest MSX news: keep an eye on our frontpage, news archive and forums on a regular basis.

Happy MSXing!

The MSX Resource Center team.