Newsletter #2

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello members!

A week before Tilburg 2002, about 2 months after our first
newsletter. What better time to send our second newsletter?
Again we have a newsletter packed with MSX-related news.

At our site, we had quite some tweaks & updates. Some things
weren't exactly working the way they should, but everything
is up and running again. In the mean time we celebrated the
fact that we served 200.000 individual visits! Thank you for
all the support in the past. We hope you will enjoy visiting
us in the future as well. But let's get on with the real news:


* 3D Modelling on MSX

Slotman pointed us to an interesting Japanese website
where some interesting 3D software for MSX can be
found. Magical Producer IV makes it possible to model
3D graphics on a MSX Computer. The site also offers a
similar program written in BASIC (!) and a game that
uses graphics made with this Magical Producer.

Relevant newspost:

* DSKexplorer

JP Grobler developed a useful utility for Windows
PC's based on the MSX Explorer that was once on the
MCCM compilation CD's. With the DSKexplorer you can
add, view, edit, and delete files stored inside disk
images. Managing files and your .DSK collection gets
a lot easier with this tool.

Relevant newspost:


* CIEL3++ MSX Computer

Ademir Carchano from Brazil is currently developing
the fastest MSX computer to date. The specs are of
course subject of change but the rough guidelines
are already on our site and quite impressive.
Almost all known MSX hardware extensions will be
built in by default and new features like PS/2 and
USB will be supported.

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* FM-PAC on sale

If you still use a real MSX, but don't have a FM-PAC
then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Loads of
MSX Games (especially those cool Japanese ones)
support the MSX-Music.
Tecnobytes has produced some new FM-PAC compatible
cartridges. Get one while they're still available!

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* More emulator updates

A lot of MSX Emulators were updated since our last
newsletter. Marat Fayzullin released version 2.6
of the mother of all MSX Emulators - fMSX.

Other emulators that were updated are fMSX-SDL,
Browse our news archive if you want to find out
more about these free emulators.

Relevant link:

Fairs & Meetings

* Tilburg 2002

April 20th, 2002. Time for another edition of the
international MSX Fair organized by the CGV.
Again, the fair will be held in...

Wijkcentrum de Schans
De Schans 123
Tilburg Noord

Of course, the MSX Resource Center will be there.
And as usual, we're trying to do something special.

In past fairs we noticed that a lot of active users
did not get an own booth anymore, because they could
not arrange to be on the fair all day with their
equipment. We thought that was a shame and tried to
help them out. So we got a 9 meter long stand and
offered people to show their products.

Lets have a look at the action you can find at our

- Michiel de Vries will demonstrate the current
version of Meridian, the MIDI-editor we reported
about in our previous newsletter.

- TeddyWarez will demonstrate and sell some 'old'
TWZ-products. They will also present a new game
called 'Guru Logic', based on a Gameboy Advance
game by Compile.

- Team Bomba will give a sneak preview of Bombaman,
a Bomberman-game for MSX. Some keywords on how
cool this game will get? Ok. Here we go:
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Moonsound, Bossmonsters,
Level editor, Harddisk support, ...

- Stephan Szarafinski will auction a large collection
of Konami MSX games, including the extremely rare
A1 Spirit. This racing game, based on F1-Spirit
comes with a steering wheel!

Of course, a lot of other standholders will be there
as well with their goodies, like Deltasoft with XAK 1
in English (at last), Sunrise with their usual
range of hardware and software products, MCWF with
MSX computers, hardware and cables, TNI with the Z380
version of the Gameboy Emulator and Mariënberg with
their MSX-networking device.

More than enough reasons to visit the fair if you're
in the Netherlands. Come on over and have a chat with
the MSX Resource Center crew and all those other MSX

So far for our second newsletter. Please keep on sending us
your MSX-news, let us know what you think of our site and
the newsletter and - if possible - visit Tilburg!


The team