Newsletter #3

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello members!

Welcome to the third edition of our members-only newsletter.
This time we do not only have a summary of the news we had
in the past weeks, we also have some newsletter-only stuff.
We hope you enjoy it!

MSX Resource Center needs your help!

* What's the story?

We are working on a new feature on our site where
people can display products, graphics and music they
made themselves. We ask you, our hardcore members,
to send your home-made MSX stuff to
With more than 300 visitors a day, the MSX Resource
Center is the ideal place to show the MSX Community
what you have made. Maybe something good (like making
a game) will come out of it!

MSX Revival

* MSX PLAYer released!

Finally some good news coming from the MSX Association.
Retro-games project EGG (related to Pegasys Inc.)
released several MSX games that run on PC using the
MSX PLAYer engine.

The project suffered from copyright & licensing
problems. Unfortunately it was not possible to make the
MSX PLAYer free software, as was intended. The prices
of the games running MSX PLAYer are however very low.

Project EGG have already released 'The legend of white
and black', 'Laydock', 'Fray' and 'Relics' (MSX1
version). In june the games 'Hydlide' (MSX1 and MSX2
version), 'Eggy', 'Relics' (MSX2 version) and 'Akanbe
dragon' will follow.

Syntax have also released a special edition of 'NV',
running on the MSX PLAYer engine. We have however
received information that both the EGG and Syntax
versions of MSX PLAYer are still not the final versions
of the official MSX emulator. The development team
would still be working on several improvements.

MSX PLAYer is based on fMSX. We have contacted Marat
Fayzullin, the creator of this emulator. Earlier he
considered the MSX PLAYer to be an 'unauthorized ripoff
of my work that is used to gain publicity if not money'
The MSX Association and Marat have however signed a
license agreement. And he is now 'pleased to announce
the signing of the license agreement with the MSX
Foundation whose MSX-Player emulator is based on the
fMSX source code'.

Unfortunately Project EGG and Syntax are currently only
delivering their products in Japan only. Other
continents still have to wait a little longer for the
first step in the MSX Revival.

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* FAT16 patch for DOS 2.xx

One of the major setbacks of using the FAT16 driver
for Sunrise IDE was that the existing patch was not
compatible with DOS 2.41, a very popular version
of MSX-DOS. Okei has nwo released a patch that makes
every known version of MSX-DOS work with FAT16.

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* La Abadia del Crimen in English

In Spain, this game was already considered to be one
of the better MSX games around. Manuel Pazos translated
the game to English, so that most MSX users can enjoy
it now.

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* InterNestor Suite beta 4

Nestor Soriano, also known as Konamiman, released a new
version of InterNestor Suite. InterNestor makes it
possible to connect to the Internet with an ordinary
MSX from MSX-DOS. Apart from some simple testing
programs (PING, DNS-resolver and TCP/telnet) there is
already a complete FTP client!

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* fMSXSO 1.10

In a few weeks time this emulator has been upgraded
many times. The emulation is getting better and better.
The most interesting feature of this emulator is the
possibility to redirect OPLL (FM-PAC) music to an
external MIDI device.

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* NLMSX 0.41

Another MSX emulator that has seen many updates lately
is the NLMSX emulator. This emulator is gaining more
and more popularity. Many people consider NLMSX as the
best MSX emulator around.

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* openMSX

Most MSX Emulators are based on MSX. No MSX Emulator
is fully openSource. Except openMSX. This initiative
is a succesful attempt to build a new emulator from

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Fairs & Meetings

* Tilburg 2002

April 20th, 2002. About 150 active MSX users gathered
in Wijkcentrum De Schans in Tilburg for the annual
International MSX fair. Although most of the visitors
came from the Netherlands and Belgium, we also spotted
people from other countries like Rafael Corrales from
Spain (MSX Power Replay) and Takamichi Suzukawa from
Japan, well known for his efforts in translating
software from Japanese to English.

Contrary to other years, the fair was quite crowded
all day long. A lot of developers had new hardware and
software on display, there were interesting auctions
and even a lottery! But most important: there was a
lot of time and a good atmosphere to talk with other
MSX-users. It was a great day where one could see
(part of) the MSX community at its best. We hope to
see you all next year!

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So far for our third newsletter. We hope you enjoyed it!


The team