Newsletter #4

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello members!

Welcome to the fourth edition of our members-only newsletter.
We really had a tremendous amount of news postings since the
previous newsletter so we figured it was about time to fill you
in on the most important events of the past months.

MSX Resource Center news

* MSX Around the world contest

Since there are over 5 million MSX computers sold all
over the world, we thought it would be nice to create
a gallery of pictures of MSX computers, on several
locations on our globe. To create this gallery, we
need your help and to motivate you a little... we
will reward several people who submit pictures to us
with a nice price. All you have to do is make a photo
of an MSX computer (or a clearly related product) at
a - preferably recognizable - location somewhere on our
globe. You can send your pictures to

* MRC breaking records

2002 has been a wonderful year for the MSX Resource
Center. We had more news posts than ever, and the amount
of visitors to our website grew to an average of 450
visitors a day. After reaching 250.000 visitors on
August 25th, we recently reached two other milestones.
On October 15th our user base broke the 1000 members
record. Only a week later, Nedstat counted visitor
number 300.000. The MRC sends a big THANK YOU to the
entire MSX community, for keeping the MSX scene alive.

MSX Revival

* MSX Magazine 2003

Believe it or not, the MSX Revival has started. ASCII
will release a new MSX Magazine on December 24th,
containing many articles on MSX and programming. This
216 page book will be accompanied by a CD-ROM which
contains MSXPLAYer by MSX Association. MSXPLAYer is
the official MSX Emulator, and considered to be the
first and crucial step in the MSX Revival. With this
emulator, Kazuhiko Nishi (the man behind the MSX
computer system, former president of ASCII and the man
behind MSX Association) hopes to gain enough attention
to continue the MSX Revival. Final goal is an ultra
low-cost one-chip computer. For now, the MSX Magazine
and thus MSXPLAYer are only available in Japan, but
perhaps we have some good news on our website soon. In
Japan, the MSX Magazine turns out to be a real hype,
as it tops the charts in almost every single online
bookstore in Japan. For more information on the contents
of the CD-ROM and the Magazine, please click the links
and many more...


* Meridian 2.2

Michiel de Vries improved his MIDI-editor for MSX quite
a lot. Once again, the program has become a lot faster
and easier to use. On the meridian website, you can also
download the source code of Meridian. Currently, Michiel
has started implementing routines to support the
Sunrise Moonsound cartridge.

* Internetstor beta 5

Konamiman released a new version of the Internestor
suite. This software makes it possible to connect an
MSX machine running MSX-DOS2 to the internet. Although
Konamiman expects other MSX developers to develop
real Internet utilities, using the Internestor shell,
he created a working Telnet client and an FTP client


* Sunrise Compact Flash

Sunrise surprised the MSX scene again with some cool
new hardware. The Compact Flash card makes it possible
to use ordinary Compact Flash cards as IDE devices.
There are two ways to accomplish this, one is a small
adaptor which can be used on Sunrise IDE interfaces.
Downside of this solution is that you still need
external power. The second solution is a complete IDE
interface containing 2 CF-slots. Both options allow
booting from the CF-cards.


* Metal Gear 1

Joy Division, the folks behind Metal Gear Origin (a
Metal Gear fan game for Dreamcast consoles) just let us
know that they are working on a re-localization of the
original Metal Gear 1. Although the game was released by
Konami for the European market, the translators of the
game, had done quite a lousy job at translation. For
many years Metal Gear fans have been waiting for a
decent translation and it seems that their patience will
finally be rewarded.

* Snatcher

The Portuguese translation of Snatcher is nearly
finished. There are still some bugs that need to be
removed, but the texts are all translated. The final
version will come with a tool which lets the game start
from hard disk, even in DOS1. After finishing the
Portuguese version, English and Spanish versions are

* Shalom

Shalom - the third game in the Knightmare saga - is
being translated to Portuguese and English as well.
Both translations are heading towards completion, and
impressive beta versions can already be downloaded.

* Parodius

Konami's Parodius has been fully translated to English,
even the manual of the game is available in English now.
Takamichi Suzukawa included some explanation on
Japanese culture to help us understand all the parodies
in this wonderful Konami game.

* Dragon Slayer 6

Although Dragon Slayer 6 had been translated to English
by Oasis long time ago, there were still several parts
of the game that were not translated. A new version
was released, so now the intro demo, the end demo and
the titles of the chapters are translated as well. RPG
freaks should really check this one out, there's a
really nice plot-change in this game.



Although emulators are very popular, it still isn't
legal to distribute the original MSX system ROMS. They
are still copyrighted by Microsoft. A way of avoiding
these copyrights is to write a new program that does
(almost) exactly the same as the MSX system ROMs.
C-BIOS is such a re-written system ROM. The most
recent version can run many MSX1 and MSX2 games that
were originally on cartridge (.ROM files), and a start
was made to implement DISK-ROM features.

* openMSX 0.2.0 for Linux and Windows (unofficial)

People who have seen the demonstrations at the MSX fairs
in Tilburg know that this open source MSX emulator is
one of the better MSX emulators currently available.
The latest version adds a 'pixel accuracy' mode to the
emulator, which makes the scope part in Unknown Reality
work. The original openMSX is only available for Linux,
but thanks to an anonymous porter openMSX is available
for the Windows platform as well.

* NLMSX 0.45

NLMSX keeps growing and growing as well. It is now
possible to emulate the MSX turboR system, which makes
NLMSX the second MSX emulator in the world capable
of emulating the turboR.

* paraMSX 0.42

After a long period of silence, a new version of the
Korean MSX Emulator paraMSX was released. This version
is based on the most recent fMSX cores, drastically
improving emulation quality.

Fairs & Meetings

* MCWF meeting (November 30th, 2002)

This Saturday, MSX users have a nice opportunity to meet
and greet each other in Hoorn (Netherlands). During the
day there will be a game-competition, and there will be
plenty of time to do some MSX-developing as well.

* MSX user meeting Barcelona (December 7th, 2002)

On December 7th, the Asociación Amigos del MSX hosts
an MSX user meeting in Barcelona (Spain). Many familiar
MSX groups will have a stand on this meeting, and there
will be lots of hardware and software for sale.

* International MSX Fair 2003

As usual, MSX-NBNO is the first group to hold a fair in
the new year. On January 25th, 2003 the International
MSX fair of Oss (Netherlands) will be held. This year,
visitors can enter the fair for free!

So far for our fourth newsletter. We hope you enjoyed it!


The team