Newsletter #6

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello MSX Resource Center friends,

Welcome to our sixth edition of the MSX Resource Center Newsletter. Once again, we have gathered the most important news since our last newsletter. Because our previous newsletter was on the long side, we have made a rough
selection this time. Lets start with some news on the website itself:

On May 31 we welcomed the 500.000st visitor to the MSX Resource Center. That's right, half-a-million visitors stopped by to have a look at our website since august 1996. The amount of visitors keeps rising and rising quickly, as we received close to 50.000 visitors in May 2003 alone.

Furthermore we broke the 1.000 newspost limit. If you have a look in our news archive, you can browse to over a thousand different newsposts now. Also our forums are going very strong. At this moment we have over 4100 forum posts. We are very happy to see the activity on our forums have increased a lot since we launched our new website in december 2002. We had only 358 forum posts back then Wink

We also opened up a new section, a freeware downloads module. Over here you can download MSX software that has been checked and archived in LZH format (decompressible on both PC and MSX). Furthermore all files in our downloads
section are freeware. No worries about piracy or copyrights anymore! Please feel free to send us new files. This can be products that were previously not freeeware, entire games, demo's and utilities but also small files like single graphics or music files. Anything is welcome, as long as it's freeware.

Last but not least we started a huge poll in order to decide which is the best MSX1 game ever. After 7 rounds of voting a selection of 234 games have been reduced to three titles that are now battling on our frontpage poll ( You can still cast your votes on which game you like the most: Maze of Galious, Penguin Adventure or Zanac.

We hope we can release even more new features in the near future. Currently three spanish moderators are working on testing and translating the website, so that people can enjoy the website in spanish soon. Other languages will probably follow. We are also working on a contacts database, a knowledgebase, a MIDI player and perhaps we'll even introduce a webshop or a sourceforge-alike MSX Projects database.

Finally we would like to remind you that it is possible to contribute to the MSX Resource Center in several ways. You can actively contribute to the MSX Resource Center by submitting news, posting on our forums or even by joining our team, but you can also send us a financial donation using PayPal. The MSX Resource Center Foundation uses these donations to pay for our web-hosting, visiting MSX fairs and - if possible - to support new MSX initiatives. Whether you choose to support the MSX Resource Center by contributing to its contents and/or by donating money, your contributions will be highly appreciated!

500.000 visitors, 1.000 news posts
Freeware downloads section
Best MSX1 game ever
MSX Resource Center forums

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MSX Revival


Currently the MSX Revival team in Japan are preparing a second MSX Magazine. In this magazine there will be attention for MSX activities outside Japan like]for example]an overview of the history of MSX in the Netherlands. Furthermore the team is highly interested in software developed in countries other than Japan, in order to distribute them on the CD-ROM included with the magazine. If you created software and would like to see it on MSX Magazine #2 you can contact us ( and let us know which title(s)you would like to submit. The previous edition of the MSX Magazine was sold to over a 30.000 people.



The MAP is a new website dedicated to people who are (or want to) develop software for MSX. Although MAP stands for MSX Assembly Pages, some general programming topics are also included. There are also quite some interesting articles available, and from the looks of it this website will soon evolve to the most important source of information for MSX-developers on the internet. Definitely worth having a look at.



Nyyrikki has surprised the MSX community once again with a tool that uses his Z80 emulator for MSX. It is now possible to play KSS music files on a fast MSX computer. KSS music files are widely spread on the internet and usually used to play MSX files on WinAMP.

KSSPlay 1.0

More good news comes from Spain. The developers of Sonyc have decided to declare their game Sonyc as freeware. Sonyc is a very impressive game inspired by Sonic (SEGA). It contains awesome moonsound music and is amazingly fast.

Sonyc goes freeware

Dutch software developers Deltasoft are celebrating the fact they are in business for 15 years now. In Tilburg they handed out a nice present to the visitors of their stand to celebrate their anniversary. Now you can download several interesting files (Salamander SCC demo, Mega Demo 3 and Delta's Picture Puzzle 2) from their website for free as well.

DeltaSoft 15 years

Important news for people who own a Sunrise IDE or CompactFlash interface, as a new BIOS for this device is availabe. This updates allows you to select a custom boot partition on the master device of the interface. This improvement was incorporated after it was suggested on our forums.

Sunrise IDE BIOS 2.21
Sunrise IDE discussion

People who have bought the MegaFLASH ROM cartidges from Spain can use a new version of OPF, the Flash programmer and loader tool. Several useful improvements were made to this program which make FLASHing even more fun.

OPF 0.4


Both the openMSX team and Frits Hilderink have done a good job as openMSX and NLMSX are now emulating the Sunrise Moonsound cartridge as well. NLMSX and openMSX are the most accurate MSX emulators available. openMSX is an open-source MSX emulator available for Linux and Windows. Because it's still in an alpha-state it's not the most user-friendly MSX emulator as of yet, but it sure does a terrific job at emulating the MSX. NLMSX is about as good, and good enough in most cases, but most important]it is a lot more user-friendly. If you want to hear the Moonsound songs on your PC ... now you can.

NLMSX 0.47
openMSX 0.3.1
openMSX 0.3.1 win32

Two other interesting emulators are NO$MSX and fMSXBOX. fMSXBOX is the very first MSX emulator running on Microsoft's X-box console. However, because a professional development tool was used, it's only available in the warez-scene. NO$MSX is an MSX emulator known for its excessive debugging tools, and is highly recommended for people doing cross-development.

NO$MSX 1.5
fMSXBOX in development
fMSXBOX screenshot

Fairs & Meetings

A year would not be complete without an MSX fair in Tilburg. Of course the MSX Resource Center was there this year and]although there were quite some organizational things that could have been a lot better]we had a great day as usual. If you want to know all the details, you'd better check out our photoshoot and our fair report!

Tilburg 2003 photoshoot
Tilburg 2003 fair report

And with that, we have reached the end of our sixth newsletter.

Happy MSXing!

The MSX Resource Center team.