Newsletter #7

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello MSX Resource Center friends,

Welcome to the seventh edition of the MSX Resource Center Newsletter. Once again, we have gathered the most important news since our last newsletter. Usually, we start with some news related to our website, but this time we first want to dedicate some attention to the fact that the MSX standard has
celebrated its 20th anniversary. On June 27th, 1983 it were Bill Gates and Kazuhiko Nishi who announced the MSX standard, supported by several major companies. After 10 years of a commercial and relatively successful life, it was the MSX community who kept the system alive for 10 more years. Looking at the activity of the MSX community and the amount of news coming from Japan, it's safe to say the MSX system still has a future. - 20th anniversary

For us MSX Resource Center administrators there was even more reason for celebration, as we broke the 5000-posts barrier in our forums. Also, we introduced a new feature, the contacts section, where MSX users all around the world can meet each other. Within a short timespan the amount of members registered to the contacts section grew from 150 to more than 200 members. As we write this newsletter, the contacts section contains 223 members.

Some more behind the scenes information: Although it took more efforts than expected, we are finally testing the upcoming Spanish version of the MSX Resource Center. Because this is the first language that will be added to the MSX Resource Center, we probably still need quite some extra time to optimise the code, and to remove some bugs. We hope we can offer our news in Spanish this autumn. - MSX Forums - 5000 posts! - Contacts section - Contact list - 200 members


In our previous newsletter we mentioned the Best MSX1 game ever mega-poll. At the time, three games were still battling on the front-page for this prestigious title. It was Penguin Adventure from Konami that won the battle. After some adjustments to the voting system, we started a second mega-poll, now looking for the Best MSX2 game ever. Again, Konami won the race with its stunning Action RPG SD-Snatcher. We have just started the Best MSX game song ever mega-poll, on which you still can send in nominations. - Penguin Adventure is the best MSX1 game ever - SD-Snatcher is the best MSX2 game ever - Best MSX game song ever

MSX Revival

In Japan, the MSX Association are preparing a second MSX Magazine, due to be released this autumn. In the magazine there will be extra attention for the MSX Communities outside Japan, with articles on MSX in Korea, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. Also the CD-ROM that comes with the magazine
will contain some MSX software titles created by the MSX Community. Another section of the Magazine will contain some BASIC listings submitted by people all around the word, who joined the MSX BASIC Programming contest. - MSX Magazine 2 needs your help - MSX BASIC programming contest

The MSX Association has also started to promote MSX and the MSXPLAYer during important expositions. After a demonstration at the OCPA, the MSXPLAYer was demonstrated on Wireless Japan 2003 as well. Furthermore, the MSX Association is working together with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. They are determining if the P-Con box (a set of a small robot and an adapted version of MSX BASIC 'for Robo-Education') is good enough to be introduced on every high school in Japan. - MSXPLAYer demonstrated on OCPA - MSXPLAYer demonstrated on Wireless Japan 2003 - MSXPLAYer demonstrated on Wireless Japan 2003 (pictures and reports) - P-con box.

The MSX Association holds the trademarks and copyrights of the MSX computer system and logo except for MSX BASIC. Although people are free to use the MSX logo in most cases, you can always check the MSX Logo Policy to check how to do things right if you want to use the MSX logo. - MSX Logo policy updated

The MSXPLAYer released in December 2002 used a second OS-layer called 'Intent', which should allow the MSXPLAYer to be easily ported to other platforms. We also assume that Intent will play a role on the upcoming one-chip-MSX. Recently a new version of Intent was released, improving performance and adding several interesting features. - Intent 2


Generation MSX is back in business with an amazing archive of MSX software. In a huge searchable database one can look at screenshots, covers, cheats, descriptions, sale prices and more information on practically every game ever released on MSX. Visitors can add extra information, scans or reviews. - Generation MSX

MSX-ms is a Japanese web site that aims to learn beginning BASIC-programmers some tricks that will help them in becoming better programmers. Although the web site is in Japanese, the BASIC sources are easy to find and very educational. For the more advanced developers there's the MSX Assembly Pages, on which several new and interesting articles were added. - MSX-ms - MSX Assembly Pages

There's also a lot of MSX music available on the internet. Recently, DrMSX Soundwork published an archive of 184 songs created in MuSiCa. The archive contains both the BGMs as the MSD (Macro Music Language file) versions of the songs. Another Japanese artist who published his music online is Halbon. Of course, you can also tune in to MSX Radio, who are now offering their famous MSX songs in 56K stereo streams. - DrMSX Sound work - Halbon - MSX Radio


The 20th anniversary of the MSX system was reason enough for Maggoo (Abbyss/IOD) to create a very special demo for this occasion. The demo clearly shows Maggoo has some interesting tricks up his sleeve. Because this was the first MSX demo ever to greet the MSX Resource Center team, we would
like to take the opportunity and greet Maggoo from here. We hope we can add more new software to our downloads-database soon. - MSX 20th anniversary demo

Michiel de Vries has once again surprised the MSX Community with a beta version of Meridian 3.0, which is the first MSX program ever capable of playing MIDI files on Moonsound. But Meridian is more than just a MIDI-player, it's become a full-featured music tracker with full support of both the Moonsound's OPL4 and external MIDI devices. A window-management system including help functionality makes the program very easy to use. After some suggestions in our forums, some minor yet important updates were made already. Meridian 3.0 will probably be released very soon. - Meridian 3.0 beta

Moai Tech have declared there recent MSX game 'Blue Warrior' freeware. It's now possible to enjoy this game for free. Also free is the new NestorBASIC. Although it looked like development had been stopped, Konamiman managed to
reverse-engineer his own lost source codes and released a new version, fixing several small bugs. If you want to create a game like Bubble Rain or Cat'n'Mouse... NestorBASIC is all you need. Last but not least, Nyyrikki released a new version of his Z80 emulator for Z80, which is a great tool for purposes only developers understand . - Blue warrior freeware - NestorBASIC 1.0 - Z80 emulator for Z80


The openMSX team have once again take a huge step in MSX emulation with the release of openMSX 0.3.2. Both the (unofficial) Windows and Linux version are now capable of emulating the Moonsound, MegaRAM, 8kB ROMs and a huge
list of small bugs were fixed. NLMSX, also capable of emulating the Moonsound, had a smaller yet not less important update. The GUI has become user-friendlier and a bug causing crashes was fixed. fMSX and RuMSX are not as regularly updated as the above mentioned emulators. In both emulators several bugs were fixed that improves emulation and prevents crashes. However, there is an increasing gap between the feature-richness of openMSX and NLMSX and other emulators. Owners of PDAs and other devices running Windows CE can also enjoy MSX software using an fMSX port for Windows CE:
fMSXCE. - openMSX 0.3.2 - openMSX 0.3.2 UOW - NLMSX 0.48 - fMSX 2.7 - RuMSX 0.27 - fMSXCE 0.12

Fairs & Meetings

Both TNI and NBNO announced they will once again hold their well-known MSX fairs in the Netherlands. On the 27th of September TNI holds the MSX Fair in Bussum (previously Zandvoort). After the MSX Fair, the MSX Marathon will
continue until Sunday morning. NBNO's MSX Fair was surprisingly successful this year, and we have all reasons to believe 2004 will be even better. Be sure you're there on January 17th! - Bussum 2003 announcement - Bussum 2003 website - MSX Fair Oss announcement

And with that, we have reached the end of our seventh newsletter.

Happy MSXing!

The MSX Resource Center team.