Newsletter #9

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2002, 00:50

Hello hello, and welcome to the ninth MSX Resource Center newsletter. So here we are once again with a load of MSX news, just before we enter the new year. As usual, we have quite a lot of news for you, so lets get started!

First of all, we'd like to draw your attention to a little competition we have going on at the moment. The MRC Snowfall Challenge. Do you want to win a signed version of MSX Magazine 2? Or an official MSX T-Shirt? Or one of the other MSX collectibles? All you have to do is send in a little MSX demo which shows a snowfall-effect. You may do this for any MSX (configuration) and in any MSX programming language you like. Want to know more? Check this related link:

MRC Snowfall challenge -

At the moment we have received 9 submissions to the Snowfall Challenge already. Most of them have the source code included. If you want to have a look at what we have received so far... check this out:

Snowfall challenge entries -

A trip to Japan is an MSX users dream coming true. Especially when you are lucky enough to be able to visit two MSX fairs. The ASCII MSX Magazine Matsuri and the MSX Waku Waku Park user event. And to top it off, meet Mr. Niitani (president of Compile) and Mr. Kazuhiki Nishi (no explanation needed). One of our MSX Resource Center webmasters was lucky enough to do all this and more during an exciting week in Japan. Do you want to know all about it? Do you want to see the photo's? Check out our Nippon 2003 report and photoshoots!

MSX Resource Center goes Japan - report -
MSX Resource Center goes Japan - photoshoot -

In search of a bit of Japan in the Netherlands, two reporters went to Amsterdam, visiting many Asian/Japanese shops. They enjoyed so much fun that they decided to make a series out of it. So, if you want to know about the first adventures of these reporters, check out their report and photo shoot.

Asia in Amsterdam -


As you probably already gathered from the MSX Resource Center Goes Japan report the MSX-Revival is going strong in Japan. ASCII recently released the second MSX Magazine, but also offered the MSX Game Reader (an USB-device which enables you to play MSX ROM cartridges on PC) and the limited edition MSXPC at their webshop. Both items sold surprisingly well. They can not be pre-ordered anymore but instead the ASCII MSX Store is loaded with cool MSX Merchandize now.

ASCII MSX Store - New Lineup -


Again, quite a lot of new software titles for MSX. 2003 was without a doubt a very active year regarding MSX Software development. Ricardo Bittencourt brought us a small and user-controllable fire effect. Logiboot 2.2 helps adjusting a few settings in the bootsector of a disk and AcaBOOM is a nice puzzle game created in BASIC. Abbyss and Sunrise decided to send a nice gift to the MSX Community this christmas: they declared their adult game Match Maniac freeware.

256 byte flame demo -
Logiboot 2.2 -
Match Maniac Freeware -

Here at last! The all-time Konami Classic SD-Snatcher was already translated, but for many years the MSX fans had to wait for a translated version of the origin of that game: Snatcher. Now, it's there. In English and Portuguese.

Snatcher English and Portuguese -

Another game that was unplayable to us non-Japanese was the third chapter of the Knightmare saga: Shalom. Now, the game is almost completely translated to both English and Japanese.

Shalom English beta 4 -
Shalom Portuguese beta 11 -


The ASCII Game Reader sold very well in Japan. If you want one as well, we might have good news for you as Sunrise is planning to release a Game Reader as well. Compatible to the ASCII Game Reader no less. Sunrise is counting on the developers of MSX Emulators to implement support for there cartridge readers.

Sunrise develops Game Reader -


Believe it or not, there is another new MSX Magazine in town. This one is created in Spain by some dedicated MSX fans. The first issue is already completely sold out. But if enough people let the editors know they'd like a copy, a reprint might be possible. CALL MSX contains 71 pages of fair reports, software reviews, tips and tricks and more.

New Spanish MSX Magazine -


Owners of Nokia Series 60 phones (Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7650 and Nokia N-Gage) can now play MSX games with sound on their mobile phones! The latest version of fMSX/S60 makes it all work. We recommend using the ROMPackager to get the emulator running.

fMSX/S60 0.98 -
ROMPackager for fMSX/S60 1.03 -

In the past month two new MSX Emulators for Windows appeared: blueMSX and RedMSX. Both are very similar, but both have some small differences too. The goal of both emulators is to 'just emulate the MSX without any hassle' with some extra options like TV simulation.

RedMSX 1.2 -
blueMSX 1.0.5 -

Fairs and meetings

January 17th, 2004 the annual MSX fair in Oss will be held. Last year it was a huge success and we have enough reasons to believe it will be even better this year. Several new products will be released during this day, including the long awaited 'Bombaman' by Team Bomba. Make sure to get your copy at the Sunrise stand!

Oss 2004 -

We also added two reports and photoshoots to our website of MSX meetings recently held.

Bussum 2003 report -
MSX DevCon'03 report -

The active MSX community in Brazil held a meeting in Jau, Brazil recently. On the msxpro website you will find nice photo shoots of this event, during which several new Brazilian products were showcased like a CD version of Knightmare with CD-Audio, and several FPGA projects for MSX.

MSX Jau 2003 photoshoot -

All in all, 2003 was a great year for the MSX Community. Not only was the MSX Revival in Japan doing surprisingly well, the community showed their best as well. Never before did we have so many news posts in one year, and it's all thanks to the activity of those people who dedicate a bit (or a lot) of their spare time to developing new MSX Hardware, Software, Graphics, Music, Documentation and Websites. To all the MSX users in the world: keep up the good job! Who knows what will happen next year. Of course, if you don't want to miss out on all the MSX news, be sure to check at least every day. The MSX Resource Center wishes you a happy 2004!