Audience Questions

Q: In which way is MSX player different then existing emulators?  

A: We talked to many people, it is not really different. We based it on a other MSX emulator and we have it in license.  

Q: Based on which other emulator?  

A: It is based on fMSX  

Q: Is the MSX player open source?  

A: Yes, except for Microsoft Basic  

Q: Will it be produced at Philips?  

A: No, Nishi has no contacts with Philips anymore  

Q: Did you come here just for the fair?  

A: Yes, I did  

Q: Is Basic in the emulator?  

A: Yes  

Q: What about Microsoft then?  

A: We are still talking, but Microsoft is going to receive money for it  

Q: Will there be a new version of Basic?  

A: No, it is frozen  

Q: Is the Turbo R emulated in MSX player?  

A: Yes, it is  

Nishi starts another story. "Don't you think it is crazy you need a computer to receive email? What about a distributed mailserver running on the single-chip MSX? Everywhere in the world you could be identified and check your email. Swatch is sponsor for that program, they've got something similar with skipasses already  

Q: How about connecting to external devices like i.e. harddrives?  

A: It will be possible by flash  

Q: How will one be able to develop for the new MSX?  

A: We will offer support for companies and developers. Linux is the development platform  

Q: And how can programmers create software without paying for licenses?  

A: So everyone in this room can program software for the msx and then put it on msx server online. (wrong answer?)  

Q: How will the USB be supported?  

A: USB plugin. If you are online and plug in, the driver will be downloaded  

Q: Does the new MSX get a CDRom?  

A: Most possibly a cdr, also for mp3. But is not decided yet, because ASCII will be enemy of Matsushita and Sony when they put it in

Q: Is the source of MSX going to be free  

A: Yes, it is going to be open source with the launing of MSX player probably

Q: What is the response of Panasonic, Sony, etc?  

A: We haven't talked yet  

Q: Will you ?  

A: Yes, otherwise we are enemies. I do not want to upset them, but we do not need them anymore. Our partners are individuals who have a vision for the future. Big companies will quit when not seeing money. Individuals will not, they wil continue

Q: Why would developers want to develop for the MSX?  

A: No reason, intent is so multi platform

Q: You say you do not need Sony?  

A: We do need them as a customer! But I won't beg them, if they say, 1/10 of royalty etc.  

Q: Linux is the basic operation system?  

A: Yes

Q: But Linux needs to be compiled what is the OS to compile Linux?  

A: There is a C compiler that can generate the code

Q: But then you need extensions to that C compiler  

A: That technology is already here