Q: If you start putting it up, the MSX server, you need a massive website, how to do that?  

A: Don’t know  

Q: Nobody is working on it?  

A: No  

Q: But you need a rather complex site to enable all developers to be a seller  

A: We do not know yet, if it is going to be a server everywhere or a little site. But the server will be massive.  

Q: But that server will be set up by ASCII?  

A: Probably by an ISP in a few continents  

Q: How to facilitate communication between Japanese and Englsh users?  

A: That is a point I already mentioned, we need to use the power of computers to translate  

Q: I don’t think translation should not be in between, we need broken-English translation and good visuals, that is enough. I will leave that problem to the users.  

Q: How many versions did you make? They have to be very small to fit in your tie, but large to watch a movie on it  

A: It will have fpga, and we have smaller and larger version in design  

Q: They new MSX has TV out, why? With radio communication we like to use wireless communication!  

A: We have a name, nanny, (note: could be Lanny, I may have misheard Nishi) for the microcontroller, it is a nanochip with flash and IO but no video  

Q: Which USB version?  

A: Latest version  

Q: So it will be possible to stream video?  

A: Yes  

Q: What about the speed of the arm9 core? Slow and fast version?  

A: We haven’t it figured out, the speed  

Q: How much MHz?  

A: 300 mininmum. Sometimes 500MHz  

Q: About the MSX server, how about copyrights? How to protect software?  

A: Whenever you request a download, every NIC has a unique id, it is encrypted and you need to recompile it with a key you get  

Q: Do you also put old software online like Konami games?  

A: We are collecting older archive files, we want to let others to decide to go into public domain or charge 1 yen or 1 dollar or so. Emotionally nothing is free. We have Konami software in our archive, the issue is; are we after free software or a small fee software  

Q: Old MSX hardware is gonna work on the one-chip MSX?  

A: I think by having a high speed USB converted to slot, it may be possible  

Q: Is the one-chip MSX fully compatible?  

A: I cannot say fully, but we do our best  

Q: How to protect MSX server from non-paying customers?  

A: The downloads are going to be like a telephone bill. And also you can buy a prepaid card for the MSX server. Every country has regulations for electric money. We need maximum flexibilty and security  

Q: How do your support digital equipment, like spdif etc.?  

A: Only output, not input. It is not a general computer, we are not competing with PC’s  

Q: How about the speed?  

A: It can be extermely slow to run on solar cells  

Q: Which semiconductor is going to produce?  

A: A partner in Asia, Europe and America. The Europian is the biggest in Europe in consumermarket. In America largest in telecommunication.  

Q: Will you raise the specs in other versions?  

A: No, I do not want to compete with other people  

Q: But what if it becomes very popular, is there no way to competition?  

A: no  

Q: Never?  

A: I do not want to say never  

Q: What will be the price of the one chip MSX?  

A: From 15/20$ to 10$