PCM Encoder 0.01

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This tool allows you to encode samples for high quality playback on MSX, using 11, 22 and even 44kHz sample rates. Sources included.

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12-01-2022, 11:09

Note: the sample length to be passed to the player in the DE register is stored by the encoder in the first 2 bytes of the encoded data, thus the address of the encoded data to be passed in HL is two bytes later than the actual data start.
This is the player

; Plays one sample
; IN   HL - Encoded sample start address
;      DE - Sample length (#pcm samples)

This is the snippet of how to call it

        ld  hl, SAMPLE_START + 2
        ld  de, (SAMPLE_START)
        call PLAY_SAMPLE

; Sample data
        incbin "sample.bin"