ViewMSX-MacOSX is an MSX graphics viewer for the MacOSX platform. ViewMSX-MacOSX can view many MSX2 and 2+ graphics formats, some compressed formats, G9B files and even some video formats. ViewMSX-MacOSX can also view newer graphics files such as those used by VSCREEN or SymbOS.

ViewMSX-MacOSX is an experimental binary and may contain differences compared to the ViewMSX win32 package.

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By sd_snatcher

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25-07-2010, 21:11

This tool is indeed very useful! Thanks!

I have some small feature requests to improve it even more:

Better support for files generated by GraphSaurus. This means:

1) Autoload the palette (.PLx) file if it has the same name as the file being loaded. (REDCAR.SR5 and REDCAR.PL5, i.e.)

2) Support for multiple the palettes inside one .PLx file, as generated by GraphSaurus. Easy change between palettes by pressing 1,2,3,4...etc

3) Support to save a .GEx file with integrated palette after the desired GraphSaurus palette is selected.

4) Support for loading/saving GraphSaurus compressed .SRx files

By Yukio

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27-07-2010, 16:30

I want support for Mag/MAX format. This format was used on Japanese home-computers and there are some nice disks like the MSX-FAN CG collection ...

By MäSäXi

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29-07-2010, 14:52

By sd_snatcher

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04-10-2012, 03:42

No new version of this tool yet?

XnConvert can read Maki-Chan (.MAG & .MAX) files and convert them to a more recent format.

Also I never heard of those MSX-FAN CG collections. They don't seem to be listed either on Generation-MSX or on the MSX-Archive. Where can I find more info on those files?

By sd_snatcher

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13-08-2013, 00:04

Xee³ is a nice picture viewer for Mac OS-X that has support for Mag/Max (aka Maki-chan) files.

It's developer also reverse engineered the Graph Saurus compressed file format, as quoted below:


FYI I figured out the compressed Graph Saurus .SR8 format; it's indeed a simple RLE scheme compressed 8-bit indexed image. Image data always starts at offset 7 and consists of the following byte sequences:

0x00 XX YY repeat byte YY for XX times (XX=0 means 256 times)
0x01..0x0F XX repeat byte YY 1 to 16 times
0x10..0xFF output single byte literally

Indices refer to standard MSX screen 8 palette (0bRRRGGGBB). I haven't looked at the other SRx formats but I suspect they are similar.