46Games translated by DJANGO

by DJANGO on 11-11-2021, 14:41

A complete list of patches to Django's current portfolio of translated MSX games into English.
For more information visit Django his web site

files included in the .zip file:
American success disk 1.ips
Ashguine 3.ips
Ashguine Bit2.ips
Crimson2-1 (Main).ips
Crimson2-2(Game ).ips
Deep Forest.ips
Dios B-Disk ENGLISH.ips

Emerald dragon - Spanish patch

by dan on 11-09-2021, 08:46

Japanese-Spanish translation of the game Emerald Dragon by dan
The zip-file also contains the prologue and the map.

Hi Smile

I have made a little spanish translation of internal OSD Menu of the current version of openMSX (18/06/2020)


New updates and more mods/translations at my Twitter account:

¡ Hola!

He hecho una pequeña traducción del OSD interno del openMSX (para las nuevas versiones a día 18/06/20)

¡Que la disfrutéis!


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This tool patches disks with the contents of a .TRD file depending on the number of disks the patch file contains.

This tool can make a patch file from 2 disk images. The result will be a .TRD file containing the differences detected from the second disk image which is supposed to be the patched version.