Cold Blood

por Ivan en 08-05-2009, 21:08
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Two days ago Paxanga Soft added information about their upcoming game Cold Blood to the Games section of their website. This game is inspired by the all-time classic Pacman and the stealth powerhouse Metal Gear. As a member of the special forces group PACHOUND, your mission is to infiltrate the stronghold GHOST HEAVEN and eat all dots while avoiding ghosts. You will need to use weapons to advance through the game. Cold Blood is going to be released on cartridge (32kB ROM) the 30th of May, at the 35th Barcelona RU.

Relevant link: Paxanga Soft

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Por ro

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10-05-2009, 10:00

cool Smile

Por MäSäXi

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12-05-2009, 20:34

Nice backgrounds and intros! Smile

You need keys/cards for doors, are there any other non-pacman stuff to be found? Smile **[edit] sorry, didn´t read about weaponsWink** Is there in-game music(s)?

Big ghost in box cover art looks too threatening and bad for eighties style, but that is a minor thing, I guess. Wink

Por Huey

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15-05-2009, 13:56

Por MsxKun

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19-05-2009, 22:18

to MäSäXi : Yes, there are other objects to catch and use.

You can see a bit more at the video Smile
If you fear the big ghost, try to kill him! Tongue

Por Yukio

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19-05-2009, 22:57

I liked the game idea, the video is interesting ...

Por Manuel

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21-05-2009, 13:28

What's the link to the video? I didn't find it.

Por Yukio

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21-05-2009, 13:36

Huey , posted the link to the video ...

Por Manuel

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22-05-2009, 13:16

Oops, I missed that post :S

Por gdx

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18-03-2023, 08:44

There is a free version downloadable here:

In the presentation, it says that it is a demo. What is the difference with the cartridge version?
Before I had downloaded a demo but in this version, it is no longer written "Demo" instead of "Ready!" at every start.

Por Wlcracks

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18-03-2023, 09:07

wow this is awesome.