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Por TheKid

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01-04-2019, 09:19

Since today is the famous 1 april, does anyone know what are the best 1 april fool jokes pulled on this site?

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Por konamiman

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01-04-2019, 15:07


Por TomH

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01-04-2019, 18:06

Better copy and paste as much into the Wiki as quickly as possible!

Por Louthrax

Prophet (2465)

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01-04-2019, 19:52

Smile So that was funny. Good joke. Very well written. Must say I almost believed it... But that it not true of course. Right ? It's a joke Wink ??

Por Pac

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01-04-2019, 23:08

I hope it's not true... Smile

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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01-04-2019, 23:59

files are not accessible anymore

Por TheKid

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02-04-2019, 15:12

whoops, site is completely down. It was defenitly not an april fool joke Sad

Por Hydragon

Paladin (751)

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02-04-2019, 15:15

yeah that message is now just shown on frontpage only. It officially went down Shocked!

Por TomH

Champion (361)

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02-04-2019, 18:32

In that case, my joke was entirely misjudged. Supposing the site's author ever notices this thread, apologies.

Por Ivan

Ascended (9353)

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02-04-2019, 18:35

Sad Sad Sad

Too bad! If it wasn't an April Fools' joke the news said that the shutdown was scheduled for May.

Already emailed Hans Otten, that site contained lots of MSX useful stuff.

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