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Por Louthrax

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02-04-2019, 19:08

Holy crap Sad I found so much useful information on Hans' site for fixing old MSX machines or devices... That's really bad news...

My hope is that someone could convince Hans to allow the hosting of his site's backup somewhere, but seeing that some people already cloned Hans' site in the past (one of the cause of shutdown decision), I'm not sure he won't be too happy to allow that, and I can understand...

Por DamnedAngel

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02-04-2019, 19:27

Well, I still think the site is going to be up again in some days. It is just a well played prank.

Por Pac

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02-04-2019, 19:39

I hope so, otherwise we have a big problem...

Por Grauw

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02-04-2019, 22:53

Mentions my name… I have absolutely nothing to do with this, I haven’t been in contact with him for ages (nor am I a TNI member). I think once over a decade ago we had a little argument, I can’t for the life of me even remember what it was about anymore. I suppose Hans has got a strong memory.

I appreciated Hans’s site very much and I will miss it greatly, but I don’t appreciate these actions very much, throwing mud and no handover of the content for preservation.

If any programming related content needs hosting on the MAP, feel free to contact me. Here to stay. Also, archive.org is a good place to upload service manuals and books and such.

Por Pencioner

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02-04-2019, 19:57

Actually the page now doesn't look like a prank. We could ask someone from, say, wiki ediying team to comment. But, if the prank is really good then everybody's warned and this will just add to it. I don't know. I feel pity of course, if this is true...

PS and yeah, it might be the Schrödinger's prank, no? like, indefinite state until you try to find it out

Por hamlet

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02-04-2019, 21:47

As much as I appreciated Hans' efforts and the site, as little can I understand this public criticism that he has now placed in the room. Worse still, the author of the site is not obliged to listen to the opinions of others.
It is a pity that even the most immature behaviour among adults comes to light.

Take care Hans, we will miss you and your side. But your acting reminds me of a bitter person. What just happened?
MSX is not death, Hans.
We live. Also in your heart.

Por Hydragon

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03-04-2019, 01:46

manuals for MSX Software titles can also be submitted to CheatMSX.com
Currently there are 177 manuals allready available.


Enlighted (6093)

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03-04-2019, 09:44

Louthrax wrote:

Holy crap Sad I found so much useful information on Hans' site for fixing old MSX machines or devices... That's really bad news....

My thoughts exactly. It feels like dropping back to dark ages.

Pencioner wrote:

We could ask someone from, say, wiki editing team to comment.

There is no such team as it is open for editing for all of us... I might be anyway pretty close as I've been working on the programming part already long before the Wiki was put out to public use... and yes... I've most probably linked few times to documents on his page as it does not always make sense to write everything again if there is good information available already in the internet. By doing that have I violated some terms of use or something? To be honest I don't know... As Hans says him self "it is the way of internet" and I've not investigated this more than searching for document and placing link to it without thinking that I might be doing something wrong... If there are like 100 documents on one page it is just more user friendly to link to the correct one directly.

Usually Hans documents had these "Scanned by Hans Otten" markings, so this can't be about him not getting credit, but more likely related to not getting money from ads. If some of these links bothered him, why he didn't fix the links to point to where he wants them to point to? ... or made some technical work around? We can only guess... Most probably he just though that it is not worth the effort as the money is not there anyway and just decided that hosting is too expensive compared to what he can personally get out of this hobby.

Personally I remember only very friendly communication with Hans, I've shared some information on his pages, I've bought some things from him and even remember thanking him in the past about making this very important page available for us to use. I'm very sad to see the page is now gone again.

Por Rataplan

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03-04-2019, 10:17

Well, so far there's a copy of Hans' site in the wayback-machine, from March 3th. https://web.archive.org/web/20190303105606/http://msx.hansot...

Even if someone drops a hobby, revoking access to such a knowledgebase, of which you know many people learn and use it for repairs to keep our own hobby alive, is really a bad decision. Tells me more about Hans than people he might have issues with honestly.
One could try HTTrack to download the full site from archive.org, so the information is at least not lost. I wouldn't publish it online though, for some people might go berzerk on copyrights and such.

Por Dreamerm42

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03-04-2019, 10:34

I do not know if it's a joke or not, what I do know is that if it's true it's a shame and something sad.

You can not force anyone to continue a job, but it would be interesting to give support, so that all that information is not lost.

If the problem is for money for the hosting, I think some here have servers, it's just an innocent idea, but they could provide space for something of general interest like this case.

I do not know the real reasons why this happened, but it would not hurt to send positive opinions so that it would activate the web again or let others activate it.

When you have a website that everyone links and falls, with it drops the content of many other websites.

I imagine a Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew language page ... in short, languages ​​other than English, referring to those links, for the information and knowledge they contain ... now all of them will also be with the broken contents, pages that they made that knowledge and that information to areas with different languages ​​...

It's sad ...

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