msx-karts 1st playable demo

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Por DamnedAngel

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29-09-2020, 21:34


just reporting that loading in a Double RAM cartridge (MegaRAM mode), the rotation patterns apparently get scrambled and the view "jumps" to another place every 90 degrees. Collisions also get misaligned in some rotations.

Nice work - and very impressive - nonetheless! Congrats for achieving such speeds!!!


Por salutte

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30-09-2020, 15:32

Hi DamnedAngel!

Thanks for the heads up! I am not really familiar with the MegaRAM mode, I am checking the code from Favio Belavenuto [1]
and, to my understanding, it emulates only ASCII16. The demo uses ASCII8 (it must use 8 kbyte blocks), so I think that MegaRAM won't be able to emulate it correctly, but maybe someone with more experience in the cartridge can correct me!


Por Parn

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30-09-2020, 20:23

The DoubleRAM has nothing to do with the SD-Mapper. It's just a normal RAM cartridge that can work either as a 4MB memory mapper or a 2MB MegaRAM. MegaRAM does indeed work with 8kB blocks and works more or less like the Generic8 mapper (with switching addresses at 4000h, 6000h, 8000h and A000h), so if the switching addresses aren't patched it isn't directly compatible with ASCII8.

Por salutte

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16-10-2020, 19:25

Some progress!


Now we have icons!

Most of the changes are under the hood however. I migrated to megalinker for banking approach. I applied turbor suggestion of using POP HL instead of POP DE, and now the code is much nicer! I also completely redid the math and changed the coordinate system. Now it moves smoother, and collisions are now more precise. Also, the new coordinate system will help to place sprites. Speed is slightly optimized, and a border has been added around the windows (this actually almost does nothing to speed, but will be used later to hide sprites).

On the other hand, I am currently only working on the small viewport version at the moment, so the demo is locked to the 4 player mode. Once it works well for 4 players, I'll update the 1x player and 2x player modes.

With regards to the DoubleRAM, I messed up my previous interpretation! THanks for providing details Parn! Should I migrate the mapper to Generic8? Are they any advantages or disadvantages w.r.t. to ASCII8?

Por salutte

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16-10-2020, 19:40

I built a version of the game using the Generic8 mapper, but OpenMSX does not detect the rom type automatically. I checked the OpenMSX code that autodetects rom types, and it does not look for this mapper, so I will keep using ASCII8 for the moment.

In any case, the generic-8 version is here:

Por hamlet

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16-10-2020, 21:39

Finally we will need a fourplayer adapter. That is great!

Por Thom

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16-10-2020, 21:46

Well done, this is impressive. The penguins are looking great!

Por Konamito

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16-10-2020, 23:27

I'm amazed about how this project is growing and getting better. Four players game would be incredible in our MSX machines. Keep up the good work!

Por Manuel

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17-10-2020, 00:15

SMK on the SNES is one of the games I play most with my son! Would be great to once play something similar on MSX Smile

Por albs_br

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17-10-2020, 00:36

It would be great if the options for 1, 2 and 3 players be still available.

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