SHRT NWS Sep-Oct 2021

SHRT NWS Sep-Oct 2021

por MSX Resource Center en 02-11-2021, 17:56
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While MSX Resource Center is all about bringing you MSX and related news, we don't always make space on the front page for that. For every piece of news that didn't make it, we keep track of it in the nuts and bits news post right here. Here it is, the news you might have missed.

The Video Game Years 1983 - Full Gaming History Documentary.
The series on Video Game Years on YouTube mentions MSX in the highlights of gaming during 1983. Besides that the whole video is interesting. Submitted by whizzy.

The Music of Illusion City (MSX)
YouTube channel PixelatedAudio dedicated episode 105 of their podcast to
"The Music of Illusion City", featuring the soundtrack lovingly completed with comments. Very well organized and informative about the whole IC series on different platforms, although the main focus is on MSX.

Atari2600 remakes for MSX1
8-bit programmer Amaury Carvalho has released some nice MSX1 gems, such as Entombed and CatsPots, inspired by the Atari 2600 originals.

Compass declared free to use
The 1999 MSX Z80 IDE Compass has been put online for free download, fittingly named "The Finally Free edition". It is actually the latest version, 1.2.09 (September 1999). The sources are also made available for educational purposes. ("All rights reserved"). Get all the goods from here.

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Por gdx

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04-11-2021, 01:37

I did not know Entombed and Cats Pots (even not found that one) for Atari 2600. I would like to see other titles on MSX. (Star Master, Kaboom, warlock, etc)

Por konamiman

Paragon (1211)

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04-11-2021, 15:14

How come that the Compass thing didn't get to the homepage? That's awesome news! (even if the sources are commented in Dutch, uh...) Smile

Por [D-Tail]

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07-11-2021, 09:19

There should even be an awesome marketing photo of this news (@tubror Wink)

Por turbor

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08-11-2021, 13:35

About Compass, I also was hoping that it would make the homepage but that's life...

People who attended the Nijmegen 2021 fair also saw the promo movie I produced. It is online at

@D-Tail : You mean of the user who has been dragging his original disk along for the last 22 years ? ;)


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08-11-2021, 15:23

konamiman wrote:

How come that the Compass thing didn't get to the homepage? That's awesome news! (even if the sources are commented in Dutch, uh...) Smile

Indeed! Shame on you, MRC... You should use better judgement to figure out what is culturally important news and avoid hiding such things like this. All newsworthy releases don't have Konami or Compile logo on top.

Por hamlet

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08-11-2021, 19:29

Me also got the original disk for some decades. Wink

Right now, we just didn't have enough people on the team to give Compass the framework it deserves as a news post. To prevent this in the future, we relied on the help of two famous newcomers. :)