Franky projects SMS<>MSX conversions, remakes, tools, emulator/ocm etc

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By st1mpy

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06-01-2010, 10:09

I wanted to see what people are/might work on for Franky. I think there are different categories of projects:

* Conversion of SMS game to MSX/Franky

* Conversion of MSX game to SMS/Franky

* Rename (enhancement) of MSX game

Plus others like:
* 1 chip MSX support
* Emulator support
* development of MSX/SMS cross platform development tools/libraries

There are many interesting games on SMS to be converted to MSX, I think things like Phantasy Star is amazing on the SMS (if you haven't seen it, you must.) There are many well known titles that was never available/badly done on MSXs, I was interested in Populous, Prince of Persia and many arcade conversion titles.

The other way around kind of overlaps with the remake category.
Smooth scrolling versions of games like Gradius, R-Type etc.

While waiting to get hold of a Franky, I thought I'd buy a SMS and a few games to see what it is capable of (I did used to have GG and Megadrive but never played on a SMS.) I was surprised to see that it felt very much like a MSX2 (graphics and games wise). I always thought of SMS as a poor cousin to Megadrives, so the games do feel like a cheap/quick conversions, sound is often poor and cut down game contents. But I think the hardware is quite capable, and a properly developed game should be able to offer so much more than NES games. And there are so many titles available on SMS it would be cool to see all those converted for Franky/MSX.

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By guantxip

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06-01-2010, 10:44

Franky could be solution to colour msx1 monochrome convertions games from Spectrum. Imagine Batman or Head Over Heels with 32 colours at same time. 64 colours of palette is little short compared with msx2.

By guantxip

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06-01-2010, 11:08

There are perfect conversions on Franky like Golvellius, Altered Beast ... but I found many graphic bugs in games like Sonic, Out Run Battle (I can't see the cars). I hope see this games working 100% as soon as possible.

By alexito

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01-12-2016, 07:11

Hi, Folks.

Well here we go again. This time a new package update from me (PCEFAN)

This package contain more than 150 exclusive games for Franky VDP Interface from Playsoniq Team.

The Link:

Those Files in the Zip Package was selected from my SDCARD working with LPE-SDMMC Ver6 Interface and Nextor OS (Fat16) Special Version of SofaRun Ver1.0 (Thanks Louthrax) so if you want to try in your Mass Storage Interface you are free to install this package but special care need to be addressed because the automatized .BAT system ROOT DIRECTORY for the files and directories must be A:


By mtn

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01-12-2016, 16:55

Nice!! Thank you!

(I really need to find myself a sega a/v chip so I can finish franky)

By alexito

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01-12-2016, 18:04

Interested in this package and coming updates just drop me a Email.

By alexito

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02-12-2016, 15:00

Now is time for Alex Kidd BMX Trial:

Again Thanks to Megaman3000 for your excellent Joypad Hack.

I was reading SMS POWER Forums and several Sega Game Gear games were converted to run in Sega Master System so that sound interesting to me i think is worth to try to adapt some of them for our beloved Franky VDP. What do you think guys?

PS: I love Franky VDP Interface because it use all the Mapper Ram from our MSX that mean sometimes we can achieve to get a good memory ram mapper in my case LPE-SDMMC Ver6 (4096K) that is plenty space for making easy game programming unlike old times (compacting game code/graphics because big ROM cartridges are expensive) so remember some games adaptations will require more RAM that is the case of San3 it require more than 1024K.

By Robby

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06-12-2016, 16:07

alexito wrote:

Interested in this package and coming updates just drop me a Email.

Hi alexito, i've sent you an email Smile

By msxtrd

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06-12-2016, 16:38

Is playsoniq not backward compatible with franky, or the software is exclusively coded to run on franky?

By alexito

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13-12-2016, 00:31

Here a Small Video about Alex BMX Trail and Woody Pop.

@msxtrd: I'm have not tried on playsoniq yet but i think it is compatible. Maybe other users can help us to verify that.

By sd_snatcher

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13-12-2016, 01:55


Great work! But I wonder why play games that were designed for 60Hz in slow-motion, AKA 50Hz. That's cheating! Wink

BTW, what kind of controller are you using to play Woody Pop? Because originally it was designed for the SMS paddle control, wasn't it? Have you modified it to use the standard MSX paddle, or maybe also the Vaus controller?

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