A new MSX

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By supmsx

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17-08-2018, 07:25

A new MSX is underway ,an announcement made by his dad, Mr Kazuhiko Nishi

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By Manuel

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17-08-2018, 07:56

Google Translation of his latest blog post:


# 143 Next Generation MSX and IoT MSX
We are developing next generation MSX. The CPU is ARM and R800. I made it the same size as Raspberry Pi with hardware that can be programmed to anything on the FPGA. I'd like to announce it within the year. The name is undecided.

The contact point between IoT field and MSX is developing a 5 mm square silicon chip die integrating MSX and wireless communication function with one chip. I would like to announce it by the fall of next year. As a built-in controller.

By DarkSchneider

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17-08-2018, 08:23

Seems an bigger OCM, using a larger FPGA for a new architecture based on ARM, and implementing the R800.

The truth is that if MSX had been continued, it is clear that it would use ARM.

By Sebbeug

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17-08-2018, 08:28

Great news !

By Philip

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17-08-2018, 09:59

That looks very interesting!

By hamlet

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17-08-2018, 10:01

Funny name, isn't it?
Still, that's great news. It's nice to hear that Nishi still cares about his life's work. If the console contains more than the proven specs, Nishi's team will have to make big decisions.
To combine the old with the new, to know its roots and yet enter new territory is a great responsibility. If a person can accomplish this task, it is Nishi.
I am very excited to hear the next news.

By Wolverine_nl

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17-08-2018, 10:37

This is good news, let's hope it gets to a production phase Cool

By supmsx

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17-08-2018, 12:05

Absolutely true,I agree with Hamlet Cool

By keith56

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17-08-2018, 12:05

Great stuff!
Sounds like what that 'Ichigo Jam' should have been!

By gdx

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17-08-2018, 12:54

It's a good surprise. Smile

By KdL

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17-08-2018, 15:07

I hope the sources are free, so that we can adapt them to 1chipMSX and Zemmix Neo.

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