Doubt about SCREEN 7 image files (.s70 and .s71)

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By albs_br

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04-08-2022, 17:09

Now it works.

It looks like that the problem was a sum of:

-Pattern base address register (R#2) set wrong
-openMSX option deinterlace set wrong
-Image files generated by BMPtoMSX are being generated wrong (files generated by MIfui works perfectly)

Thanks for all help!

By Pac

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08-08-2022, 19:16

You are right, the program has some bugs with some interlaced modes and HRA told me that he will fix them. I think he is working on it now according to his Twitter.

Based on my experience, BMP2MSX gives an error when converting images to interlaced modes (not all of them) and I solved this switching to a different screen mode and then back again to screen 7 mode. In the end it works. Another problem IIRC, is the file size being both files around 100 kB each. Just loading them in Basic and bsaving with the right size is okay. Also using Graphsaurus.

By Manuel

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05-08-2022, 12:35

The deinterlace function is just making it look better. It cannot be really set wrong. Just looks less flickery if enabled, showing a single high res picture instead of alternating between two.

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