37th anniversary!

By snout

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27-06-2020, 11:36

We're growing old, peeps! Happy 37th! Steadily onwards to the big 4.0!

Cheers! And I miss you, guys!

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By Pac

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27-06-2020, 17:45

Hi snout, it is very nice to see you again at the MRC! While we are here, MSX will be with us. We miss you too. Wink

By Louthrax

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27-06-2020, 21:00

Happy birthday MSX and my wife Smile

By hamlet

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27-06-2020, 22:23

Nice to see you are lurking around, snout!
Those were the days! 37 years I don't want to miss one day. Cheers.
Happy birthday also to B.! Good date to party!

By TheKid

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29-06-2020, 08:05

Can you imagine, I had to live 11 years without MSX because it's wasn't invented yet Sad 11 years of my life waisted...