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01-10-2020, 22:29

The Finnish Data Processing Museum Association has been operating since 1985, first as a data processing museum committee and since 1995 as a registered association (Finnish Data Processing Museum Association). The founder of the association is Ilari Taulio, who already in the 1970s started collecting material for his museum association in his private premises.
We want e.g. to introduce to the younger generations what the first computers in Finland were like and what they were used for. There have been really big changes in information technology over the past 60 years. There has been a shift from huge PDAs to pocket smartphones.
Now, unfortunately, all this is in danger of ending. The university, which previously provided facilities for the museum's equipment, decided to use the facilities for its own functions, and as a result, the museum's expenses increased significantly, e.g. as rental costs. Smaller museums have also received declining support from the state in recent years. Equipment maintenance and possible restorations are frozen, and the Korona epidemic, which is shaking the world, has also had a significant impact on revenue after the museum temporarily closed its doors. All of this has led to the point where we need more and more outside support to secure operations.
Every small investment is a great help, and by donating, you ensure the preservation of the largest Finnish computer collection for future generations.
You will find our campaign here:
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