MSX TurboR sunbathing

By Ivan

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23-08-2021, 17:14

I was a bit concerned about the aesthetic looks of my FS-A1GT whose white and grey keys had yellowed slightly:

Also there was some slight yellowing on the upper grey plastic stripe:

I did a search on the Internet on methods on how to whiten yellowed plastics and came to the conclusion that the safest one was to leave the plastics under the sun.

Let's get down to work! First I bought cotton buds and oxygenated water 17 volumes (hydrogen peroxide 5,1%) at my local pharmacy.

I cleaned thoroughly each and every key of the keyboard with the cotton buds, damping the ends of the cotton bud with oxygenated water (I used several of them). I also rubbed the upper grey plastic stripe with a cotton bud damped with oxygenated water. Then I wrapped the TurboR with aluminium foil in order to prevent the effects of the sunlight on unwanted surfaces of the computer case, leaving the shiny side of the aluminium foil exposed to the sun so it can reflect more light and heat than the dull side:

After four days of sunbathing from sunrise to sunset under the Spanish sun (no clouds on the horizon) at 890/2920 metres/feet above mean sea level, I knew for sure that some UV light would reach the exposed keyboard and the uncovered upper plastic stripe. The results are astonishing, the following pictures were taken in a room that gets little natural light (no flash used). Notice the slightly yellowish colour of the reset button (which was not exposed to direct sunlight because it was covered with the aluminium foil):

I hope this method of whitening helps you. At least you avoid nasty corrosive chemicals and you don't need to disassemble the keyboard.

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23-08-2021, 18:31

Man, thank you for the quality of details. Astonished here. I don't have one in my possession but could use this technique in another device.