Stuck in Pumpkin Adventure 2

By mighty.m

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16-02-2014, 12:08

Hello all,

Does someone remember the first part of temple Netzach? I'm in this room to the right of the room where the throne of the three remaining demons is. It's called Netzacht floor 1. It's gold looking.

I can't seem to do anything here except run through some walls from the sides but at a sudden point I always return to the mark (dark patch) on the wall...

Thnx in advance

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By Grauw

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16-02-2014, 15:20

I can’t help you, but I do want to say… These RPGs were great, I should play them again Smile.

By mighty.m

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16-02-2014, 16:47

Yeah, this one I never played for the second time before. So it's been some 20 years ago i guess. Can't believe it's been so long. With the Christmas holidays I played Dragonslayer VI through to the end for the first time. Still can't believe what a great experience that was.