You know you are past your stupid years when...

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By tsmvp

Expert (79)

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03-09-2022, 19:23

You refuse to bid on a Sony CPS-14F1 monitor that sells for 500 Euro. PLUS the shipping that will be for sure over 100 Euro if shipping outside Japan...
I do love my MSXs, my X68000, etc but Jesus, I thank the Lord that my stupidity years are behind me already. LOL!
Will take an OSSC with a CRT VGA any day over paying USD 800 for these in Canada (cost + shipping from Japan + taxes).

Are you past your stupid years or still spending crazy money on MSX stuff (I got a Cabbage Patch Kids for $100 a month ago and thought that was fair and not into insanity territory). LOL!


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By sdsnatcher73

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03-09-2022, 21:17

Me too (CBP, no CRT) I did buy several PC-88, PC-98, FM-77 and FM-TOWNS. Why? My wife said: no more MSX Wink

By selios2000

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04-09-2022, 21:11

I have realized that I have more games than I just can play in my whole life. So I decided not to buy anything more…

By JohnHassink

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04-09-2022, 22:51

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

Me too (CBP, no CRT) I did buy several PC-88, PC-98, FM-77 and FM-TOWNS. Why? My wife said: no more MSX Wink


By AxelStone

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06-09-2022, 08:49

I stopped spending large amounts of money on MSX stuff a long time ago, when I realised that this is really just a hobby.

At that time I realised that it didn't make sense to spend the same amount of money on an old device with more than 30 years of use as I did on a brand new PC.

To this day I fully enjoy MSX with my Zemmix Neo.

By DamnedAngel

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06-09-2022, 19:33

I just learned I'm still in my stupid days. LOL!

By Grauw

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06-09-2022, 20:06

I’ll just think of my overly costly purchases as smart investments! Yeah!

By Daemos

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06-09-2022, 20:17

Once bought a semi broken turbor for a very very reasonable price and completely fixed it up. It was the last investement. Old stuff shouldn't get out of hand and it already did. openmsxing on the pi goes very very well. Will never ever part from my real msxes though. But spending ridiculous amounts of money never.

By meits

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06-09-2022, 22:32

I've quit buying. The prices have gone up to rediculous proportions. Too many people want to make as much money as possible. I think that's just sick.

By Hydragon

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07-09-2022, 12:28

I've been very lucky I could take over what my dad collected over the years, which wasn't affected by water damage.
JKust for computers, about 11 of them came into my collection, along with a bunch of joysticks, games and lots of books he binded from old magazines and plenty of other stuff. As example a YamahaCX5M with about 8 carts a bunch of manuals and 3 keyboards or so.
Would I get rid of it, well the answer is no. Just need the time, to give it all a nice spot in the home, to showcase it all Big smile
Since for me, it's not just about the price of what it all costs, but obviously also the emotional value that's attached to it.
For example the Philips NMS8245, that I currently use for the live streams on Twitch, allready had a ram upgrade, a connection for second diskdrive and a 7Mhz mod, that last part needs to be fixed at some point, since when I got it, the button was broken, but it works as intended and this way it remains in the family.

I still do have thinghs being added, but that's partly bought by myself, but also I receive gifts from people in the community for use on stream, which is very nice, since I absolutely enjoy it off stream and I can share the results on stream as well, so others can enjoy the experience as well. Like I recently received an OSSC, so no more composite capture. One of the Philips Music Modules is getting an upgrade, so I'm able to run Unknown Reality in it's full glory, since all I was missing there, was the sample ram upgrade for the MSX audio.

And as extra note, what I wrote here, is not for selling it ( that's not happening ), just sharing how I managed to get my collection going. Currently at 17 MSX computers at home, of which 13 different models.

By retro69

Resident (53)

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18-09-2022, 17:58

I have not bought an MSX-2+, although offered at a reasonable price as I realised that there is just little software for it. On the other hand: I have just bought my fourth (fifth if you include the Atari 1050 disk drive !) storage device for my Atari 800XL ...

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