SFG-01 & VGMPlay

By Pharfetchd

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23-01-2023, 16:30

I've recently got hold of an SFG-01 along with a UCN-01 and have been using it with my 1Chip to play YM2151 vgm files, for the most part everything seems fine but i've noticed while listening to the Golden Axe soundtrack from VGM Rips that Theme of Thief (Bonus) sounds slightly off.

It's nothing major but the clap sound that starts around 4 seconds in then 6 seconds, 8 etc sounds more like a very quiet snare on my SFG-01, not sure if this is the norm? or i'm doing something wrong as it's the first time i've owned an SFG unit. Any suggestions?

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By Grauw

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23-01-2023, 17:41

Hey Pharfetchd,

What you hear on VGMRips is emulation, so it’s best to compare to a recording from real hardware. I’m not sure if either of these recordings are from real hardware, but you might want to compare:


Does either of those sound similar to what you hear on the SFG-01?

There could also be a difference in the low pass filter circuit on the audio signal that comes out of the YM2151.

Otherwise, can you maybe share a recording of what you’re hearing from the real hardware, so that I can easily compare the difference? (Sorry a bit lazy atm to go try on the hardware myself.)

By Pharfetchd

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23-01-2023, 19:42

Hi Grauw

The VGMRips version when played on the website sounds the same as those links, also the official Sega recordings on Spotify sound the same so I suppose they could all be emulation including Sega's own recordings.

I've been listening to a lot of Sega music on Spotify recently so that's what made me notice the slight difference when running it through the SFG-01, it's been years since I played it on an original Arcade Cab so wasn't sure if it was 100% correct, the low pass filter on a real YM2151 probably makes sense though.

I've uploaded a short recording of it anyway.