By Vyper68

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19-12-2017, 18:46

Although i have owned other Z80 Machines when i was younger, I have just bought my first MSX computer a Toshiba HX-10 off eBay and it looked immaculate outside and inside when i gave it and inspection on arrival.
So i was quite positive on switching on - only to be greeted by the dreaded black screen. The power LED is on but i cannot get the CAPs LED.
Is there anyone who can give me some advice as to where to start looking. The Z80 is in a socket and a Yamaha Chip at the bottom is also socketed, there is also a chip with a Heatsink on it which i cannot ID.
Thank you. Question

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By Manuel

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19-12-2017, 21:05

The heatsink chip is the VDP.