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By dhau

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13-09-2004, 19:32

No, I'm not Smile But I do have countless copies of Nemesis 2 loose carts that I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity and scientific progress.

By Grauw

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13-09-2004, 19:34

Ok... just needed some reassurance Smile.

By [D-Tail]

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13-09-2004, 23:44

Well... euhm... I have a spare Snatcher here... Tongue

By sharksym

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14-09-2004, 15:07

Finally, I have made install files Smile

Here're full informations.

MMC Interface Cartridge with DISK ROM.

By Yeongman Seo (

This is the MMC interface cartridge.
It is used as external FDD.

The ROM file consists of:
- patched DISKROM(16KB)
- Flash/MMC routines(16KB),
- DISK-Image(480KB).
Total 512KB in size.

Minimum required system...
-MSX1 with 64KB RAM, no FDD. (but, Not tested...)
-1 Primary slot. (Not work at Expanded slot)

With the MMC cartridge inserted in the MSX you have:

With MMC,
- Drive A mapped to MMC Disk.
- Drive B mapped to Flash-ROM Disk. (Read only, but very fast)

Without MMC,
- Drive A mapped to Flash-ROM Disk. (Read only, but very fast)
- Drive B is disabled.

The Flash-ROM Disk contains the DOS2 system files(v2.31),
Flash downloader, MMC disk manager and MMC system installer.

INSTALL.BAT : MMC System Installer

How to install..
- Insert MMC interface cartridge on MSX without MMC.
- Now, you can boot drive A (on Flash-ROM Disk).
- Insert MMC into the cartridge.
- It will making System Disk (Disk No.0)

ATLOAD.COM : Flash-ROM downloader. (Ver 1.05)

- Atmel AT29C040A (4MBits) only.
- See SCC FlashROM part on circuit.

DISKMAN.COM : MMC Disk Manager. (Ver 1.00)

- Insert/Delete Disk.
Currently, support 2DD(720KB) only
You cannot enter disk name including space. (' ')
- Select Disk
It will mount selected disk to Drive A:
This information is written on System disk.
DISKROM read it at next boot.
- Multiple disk(max.7) can be allocated.
Disk changing is possible by pressing Numeric Keypad.
(0:System Disk Only, 1~7:Multiple Disk)
DISKROM check keys in every DISK I/O.
- Disk No.0 cannot be deleted.
Because, all disk information is saved at Disk No.0 (DISKMAN.DAT)

XCHG_MMC.COM : MMC Disk Exchanger. (Ver 1.00)
- Use this when you exchange another MMC.
It can be used after booting without MMC.
(eg: installing MMC system.)

- MMC Interface Cartridge can be used at primary slot(1,2)
It will not work at expanded slot.
- Installer disk(Flash-ROM) is DOS2 format.
Installer for DOS1 will release some time, if anyone have a request :)
- Disk manager handles 2DD only.
- Disk ROM doesn't check write protected.
- MMC I/O is slow, similar to real FDD.
- Some games will not run,
becuase of doubled work area,that is needed by 2 diskroms.
Many games required boot by pressing CTRL key.
- Tested at My MSX only.
MSXturboR A1GT (RAM 1024KB)
MSX2+ A1WSX (RAM 512KB, DOS2 v2.20)

If you have any question, send me E-mail, please.

Yeongman Seo (

By jpgrobler

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17-09-2004, 05:14

Is there a way of creating the MMC interface without destroying a valuable and extremely cool SCC cartridge? Smile

Yes, look at Hans Ottens page for the "scc" like mapper by jipe, this can be modifie because it emulates the scc mapper fully

By dhau

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25-10-2004, 05:43

A friend from Spain built this item as well

By snout

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25-10-2004, 08:32

That looks pretty spiff! I do wonder however if this software can also be modified to work with the Sunrise CF interface...

By usuario_msx2

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04-11-2004, 12:25

I finished it,

Thank-you very much for your help Yeongman!

It works fine!

By sunrise

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04-11-2004, 12:47

I would like to see if it is possible snout.
So, if sharksym is prepared to sent me the software per mail.
Reflashing can be done many times , the important thing is the changing the ID of the manufacturer
My emailadress : or
If changements are needed I will contact John

By usuario_msx2

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05-11-2004, 17:46

another fun mmc cartridge


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