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By SaebaMSX

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19-04-2007, 17:37

The LPE-MMC is based on this hardware design, AFAIK. In fact I own it, I think Sapphire brought me it from Madrid years ago. Tongue

By Sd-Snatcher

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19-04-2007, 22:17

Could be posible to work with SDIO cards?

Now i suposse it works in SPI mode. true?

By nikodr

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20-04-2007, 12:39

I have a f1 spirit scc,but to me it seems a little complicated to do alone and i am afraid i would kill a nice scc cartridge.Congratulations to the person who made this possible though!2 thumbs up.However because i lack the needed skills to do it i will probably go for a sunrise cartridge.


By cax

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02-05-2007, 11:18

So, is there anybody who'd like to make some money by doing modding for SCC cartridge owners ?

By nikodr

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02-05-2007, 11:52

Anyone? Smile

By SaebaMSX

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02-05-2007, 19:42

I talked some years ago with usuario_msx2 in a Barcelona MSX meeting about making an SCC+MMC cart. He made it by himself but thought it was better not to do it since it is too much complicated (too many small cables together Tongue). So it is a bit insane to create it, I think nobody will do it for you. Instead of it you could get an MMC reader from Leonardo Padial (it is based on that Sharksym design). It is not expensive and all these cables are gone since it is built in CPLD. OK, you won't have an SCC there... but who cares? Tongue

By novi_skt

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17-05-2007, 19:44

hi is possible upload this img? the link is broken...

A friend from Spain built this item as well

By Prodatron

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17-05-2007, 21:46

@Sharksym: Thanx a lot for the drivers. Great work! Sorry, didn't read this before, that they are available for download. If it's ok for you, I would like to add them to the download page of the SymbOS site?

By sharksym

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18-06-2008, 18:52

Is there some one still has interests on this device? Tongue
Here's latest BIOS v3.10.

Please, check History & Readme files for more information.

MMC/SD Drive v3.10 (2004,2008)
By Yeongman Seo (

This is the MMC/SD Disk interface cartridge.
It works as External Disk Device.
It supports built-in Flash-ROM disk & two MMC/SD Disk.
Flash-ROM disk is rewritable as normal FDD works.
DOS2 v2.20 Kernel is integrated.
BASIC'n v2.1 is integrated.
FAT16 is supported by Okei's FAT16 driver.
SymbOS driver is supported.
BIOS support both Hardware of V1 & V2.

The BIOS ROM file consists of:
- DISK Driver with DOS v1 Kernel (16KB),
- DISK Driver with DOS v2.20 Kernel (64KB),
- BASIC'n v2.1 (16KB)
- FlashROM and MMC/SD Driver (32KB),
- Flash-ROM Disk-Image (384KB).
Total 512KB in size.

By dhau

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19-06-2008, 01:05

Thank you for your cool work, Sharksym! Do you have a PCB layout gerber files? May be even for smd chips?

I want to make your device, by ordering PCBs online from the likes of or, and then soldering all the components. My problem is I don't have skill to make gerber files based on your schematics...

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