MSX Tada MIDI cable

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By o.geerdink

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18-12-2015, 11:49

It could work on a 7 mhz or turbor

By Retrofan

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14-05-2016, 17:49

ericb59 wrote:

If a "replayer" exists if would be easy to add midi tracks to any new game release... (just like on X68000).

Someone can do a replayer that I can use from my Nestor Basic programs ? hum ? Tongue

Hi Eric, there's already a replayer called MYUDON used with the game Meteorite Kiss which also supports TADA-MIDI besides internal/external MSX-MIDI. Even Yamaha SFG-05 is supported! So, it should be possible to add midi tracks to a new game. I tried the demo and it works perfectly with TADA-MIDI on my FS-A1ST MSX turbo R.

By erpirao

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08-10-2022, 13:18

sorry for the revival so many years later, but I'm testing the cable that they made me
does anyone have the msp of the video or the myudon to test it?, thanks

By gdx

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08-10-2022, 14:51

By erpirao

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08-10-2022, 16:06

Thanks a lot,

By Pac

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08-10-2022, 19:55

Don't forget Meteorite Kiss, I would say it is the only game which uses TADA-MIDI.

By erpirao

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08-10-2022, 20:49

It has been a pleasant surprise, to see that it moves practically the same in msx2 using fm or tada-midi

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