NMS 8250 unidentified hardware mod

By ddehaan

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26-02-2021, 21:03

Hello everyone,

Today i bought a Philps NMS8250, but when i took it apart i found a mod that i can't identify.


Is there anybody who can tell me what this mod is doing? I don't see this on pictures on the internet, so i'm guessing it's a mod. I haven't turned on the computer, because i want to service it first :)

Kind regards,
Dennis de Haan

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By msxholder

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26-02-2021, 21:15

It is an early motherboard they added later Q104 and Q105 see service manual page 22

By ddehaan

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26-02-2021, 21:20

Wow that was fast Smile Thanks!

I found it in the manual. Did not expect this to be original from the factory Smile