Powergraph V9990 on 1chipMSX

By spl

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04-04-2021, 03:40


I wanted to play some V9990 games on my original 1chipMSX, but I've found that even the V9990 is recognized by the game, no output is being done.

Have you tested Powergraph V9990 on 1chipMSX? KdL has told and send me some pictures with his original GFX9000 working well. I remember using the Powergraph with my Zemmix Neo when I had it and once or twice in the 1chip. Could the 12V supply from the slots be broken? Now I'm using a 5V 2,5A power adapter. My original power adapter was broken.



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By bsittler

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04-04-2021, 04:42

Which hardware exactly? Is it the original OCM manufactured by D4 Enterprise?

A semi-relevant data point: I use Tecnobytes V9990 PowerGraph Light with the 8bits4ever SX-1 Mini+ and it works fine

By msd

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04-04-2021, 11:26

@spl There can be one than more issue. One the output of the v9990 is enabled by the v7040 chip. Use enagfx.ocm on this website http://www.msx.ch/sunformsx/download/dl-gfx.html. Do you have anything else connected at the same time?

By ducasp

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04-04-2021, 16:33

Most 9990 roms only work if used with the mglocm from version 3.6.1 of OCM firmware, if using newer versions of mglocm I get screen artificata on Life on Earth as an example. Powergraph 9990, at least the version on a regular size case, seems to not need 12V,but I might be mistaken (this is my memory back form 2018 when I was helping Victor Trucco debug why 9990 wasn't working on a SM-X prototype, I've used an oscilloscope to look at the signals and I think I remember it not really using 12V