Which game is this?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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13-11-2004, 00:35

OK, I am stumped. Many years ago, my cousin had an MSX machine, and we spent many many hours playing this one game, whose title escapes me. The setting was a castle (no, it doesn't look like the Castle/Castle Excellent game from what I recall), and you had this little guy in armor and wielding a sword running around fighting monsters. There might have been some sort of keys involved that you had to find as well. The scenery was very grey-ish.. it had a lot of levels and was highly addictive. Any idea what game this might have been? Would love to find a copy for a nostalgia trip.

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By snout

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13-11-2004, 00:40

Vampire Killer? Maze of Galious?

By pingflood

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13-11-2004, 02:38

Maze of Galious?

That was it!!! Thank you so much -- now I can track it down and relive my youth. :-)

By wolf_

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13-11-2004, 03:35

compared to the walls of Vampire Killer, Maze of Gallious is anything but grey-ish Smile

By BiFi

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13-11-2004, 08:34

yeah, more like reddish, greenish and blueish Smile

By Henk

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13-11-2004, 11:18

http://www.braingames.getput.com/mog/default.asp <- for the best MOG remake there is for the PC