Dumping System Roms without a keyboard

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02-05-2020, 01:45

Well... You are my hero! When I saw this message, I was looking the balloons on the ceiling, totally wasted and thinking like "Yes, this would definitely need some user interface"... but then I thought that if it doesn't take, it... whatever... I did not expect you to handle this problem, but yet you did!

Very good job! Now we are both happy!

By donluca

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02-05-2020, 14:33

Well, if you want to improve it further I'd just try documenting it a bit. This is like a swiss army knife for those of us without a keyboard.

Two things I'd like to see: a delay to tell it start putting in the inputs after X seconds and a way to input special keys like F1-F5, etc.

Not strictly necessary, if you want to build a GUI for it or disassemble to .bas it would be great, although I'm perfectly at home with a hex editor.

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