Music Module won't start on my NMS 8220. Please HELP ME!

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By Ge.Nie.

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31-10-2013, 15:03

Hello fellow MSX fans.

I bought a nice package via Marktplaats so since today I am a prowd owner of an original NMS 1160 Music Creator Synthesizer in combination with the Music Module NMS 1205 ofcourse and all the original books, boxes and sound effects cassette. I also got a Yamaha Data Memory cartridge [UDC-01]. I offered and payed €60,- in stead of €50,- so I think this was a very very reasonable price.

Anyway can anybody help me, cause I can't get it started. When I press the esc key to avoid it's build in design program I only end up in a basic screen.

My question is if this error is because of this bloody NMS 8220 *#@@*# or if it is because of the MM itself? This is my third MM and I only have seen one cartridge with it's internal program working properly. All my other stuff is safely stored at my parents including my OCM, 2 MM's and offcourse my Konami collection Smile .

Help or information will be appreciated cause I want to make this unit work and testing my purchase. It is not about making music cause I only know how to play 'Vader Jacob' it is more for generating nice ol'scool MSX sounds experimentation.

Kind regards,


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By Manuel

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31-10-2013, 15:24

So, what did you expect to happen?? On a normal MM this is exactly what should happen...

By flyguille

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31-10-2013, 15:40

if you don't use the internal program pressing ESC, you will jump to basic.

The MM can come with the ROM in it as the brand new, or can come with the ROM disabled or removed, because bothers a lot to have pressing the ESC each time you turns on your computer.

the MM is buyed more thinking in the music chip that it have, so games that support it, will have a great music and/or sound effects.

By Ge.Nie.

Rookie (30)

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31-10-2013, 18:10

Thnx for the answers so far. I guess I should buy a better MSX model. I'm not an expert in this kind of technique. I think I have to be patient, my parents don't live next door so I cannot test it on my OCM or NMS8280. It is just frustrating, I know the sound chip should work fine. My first MM has a switch so I always assumed the inside program didn't worked anymore because of a failure, the Music Works well. My second MM works completely and probably has no switch. My latest MM has no switch anyway.

according to the manual this should happen.

Section 2
..... Switch on your TV receiver or monitor and turn up the volume control. Now switch on your computer and after a brief moment the MUSIC MODULE screen appears accompanied by the sound of one of the RIFFS playing.....

I will not quiestioning doubt about both your answers. I think I have to try to arrange another more reliable MSX model, this shitty NMS 8220 is for me probably the whole problem. I only have it here to test my ebay purchases. Because of my study I protected myself to not have a MSX for distraction but I aborted my study due to private matters so what the hack, when I'm at my parents again I must get my OCM do do the trick, it is the most reliable unit for testing at the moment.

I keep you all posted soon, if anyone els has a suggestion feel free to help me.

Kind regards,


By snout

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31-10-2013, 18:35

Just to make sure: you are trying to run the internal software of the Music Module, right? This should work on about any MSX computer, provided the Music Module still contains the software (mine doesn't).

Most Music Modules you will find nowadays do contain the software, but do not boot automatically with it. Instead, you have to press ESC during boot. If you have an unmodified Music Module this is the other way around: the internal software runs, UNLESS you press ESC during boot.

By sjoerd

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31-10-2013, 19:23


By meits

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31-10-2013, 19:51

sjoerd wrote:


Exactly... Philips wasn't thinking straight when coming up with a skip-button for each of them devices... ESC disables both firmwares...

How handy...

_musicbox it is...

By Ge.Nie.

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31-10-2013, 20:00

Since we partially grew up together I do not doubt your expertise about my problem Snout [You created my alias name at the age of 10 and I've always used it]. I tried what you described but still it jumps into this useless Designer Program or into regular Basic mode.

I just opened the cartridge to check if it has been modified but I do not see any strange wires. I guess I should get MM #2 ASAP. All my other MSX gear is miles away from me so for this moment a teleporter would come in handy Tongue. When I started writing this post I must have been too excited and impatient. Maybe this seller ripped me off but that is just a negative hidden thought I guess.

I'm just a rookie when it comes towards MSX expertise offcourse but I've also had conflicts with a Game Master on this 8220 and as mentioned before my other MM's. So I will try it later when I'm back in Highsand-Juicylake. I live at Flushing nowadays and my life went partially down the drain Wink . I need at least a 8235 or higher [with a diskdrive].

I'll give it a rest for now, the build-in MM software is probably shitty anyway to use and just like many Philips products USER UNFRIENDLY Wink. I do remember at the age of 11 that you had sampling software for FM Pack and Music Module. What are the names of these programs and how do I get a copy of it, even better how to get all of this on a SD-card for the $880,- OCM?

I don't need to rush for now, it is just that Harjan and I have future plans to create a game, we want to include ol'scool elements of games we used to play [i.e. as an overlap of our interest he liked to play Space Harrier on SEGA and I liked the Feedback version on MSX]. Last but not least some historical elements of our hometown will be included with a large twist. Since we also would like to include good old sounds in our game the MM sounds like a proper addition. I have plans to start at an Interactive Animator education next year. Meanwhile we are preparing the rough storyline and character development [the rest is TOP SECRET Smile ].

I converted Harry into our MSX religion, as a Sony fanatic he now is a prowd owner of a Hit-Bit and I gave him some of my double Konami's as a starters gift [In trade for Castlevania LoS and an entrance ticket at a retro gaming fare at Hilversum where they've never heard of MSX because there was none!].

Anyway I'm getting off-topic in my enthousiastic brain tornado so appologies about that and ofcourse for my newb-skills. All MSX brothers, thank you for your comments. I'm looking forward to meet you all in A'dam the 23rd of november.

Keep the MSX generation alive and Kojima is a God, LOL!

By JohnHassink

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31-10-2013, 20:04

Ge.Nie. wrote:

I'm looking forward to meet you all in A'dam the 23rd of november.

Nice! Smile
And good look with your project - I'm always screaming that MSX needs more Space Harrier-like games! Big smile

By Ge.Nie.

Rookie (30)

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31-10-2013, 20:07

sjoerd wrote:


Fank joe Sjoerd Wink

I wish I could but I suddenly discovered the A-key doesn't work LOL

By Ge.Nie.

Rookie (30)

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31-10-2013, 20:14

Yep, I guess this bloody fleemarket purchase NMS8220 will be a forever collectors item because I liked it so much when I bought it. It reminded me of the VG8020 [my introduction to the MSX world at the age of 7]. same model but a MSX1 instead. I still want a VG8020.... [btw the VG8000 has raised skyhigh in value]

This collectors-item is doomed by the day of Halloween. I was near the solution the pain in the @ss is this bloody A-key wich doesn't work [FACEPALM]

I almost feel like James Rolfe as the AVGN


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