Software MSX-driven Laserdisc player

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By coolfox

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19-01-2018, 00:28

Louthrax wrote:

Hi Crashman,

And welcome here Smile The funny thing is that I've been resurrecting this project during these Christmas vacations (with other projects and MSX related things).

I had to re-write some parts of the code for the latest Raspberry distribution ("Jessie" IIRC), but it works, at least for Konami's Badlands.

That project is a bit tricky because the Raspberry is pushed to its limits to decode the Theora/Vorbis file in real time, and there's also some soldering required to link the MSX to the Raspberry GPIO.

I was planning to have a demo of PiLD at next Nijmegen with other games working (and maybe with a menu allowing to choose which LaserDisc game to launch), but not sure this will be ready this year.

Well, anyway, I'd be glad to provide you the executable and instructions to create the MSX-GPIO cable. The Theora/Vorbis file also need to be converted a bit (lowering the resolution).

Send me a PM if you're interested!

I would also be up for trying out your program Louthrax Smile I'm quite curious!

By Louthrax

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19-01-2018, 20:30

Hi coolfox,

I guess I already received an email from you? I was already working on the documentation and wiring instructions for that interface and planning to send something this week, but the snow falls increased a lot my home to work commute, and I was also working on documentating things at work, which was definitively not good for motivation Smile

Anyway, I'm still planning to release it, and will have some time left this week-end !

By coolfox

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20-01-2018, 04:10

Yeah, I guess it never arrived heh. Sounds good, keep up the good work!


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20-01-2018, 21:14

Louthrax wrote:

I think solution 1 would probably be the best. Just curious about how low-pitched would the sound be...

Many audio handling programs have algorithms to slow down the audio without affecting pitch... How ever the sound quality always tends to suffer more or less... Maybe end result is anyway less bad. Please note that you can do this only to one of the audio tracks. Touching the program audio track is not a good idea.

By alpineview

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23-04-2021, 13:23

I’d like to get some laserdisc games working with my Pioneer px-7 Palcom without using a laserdisc player.

Did the PiLD software get released or are there any alternatives?

By st1mpy

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23-04-2021, 18:41

Is yours a Pal machine or ntsc?

By leonlas

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17-02-2022, 16:20

The PiLD theme is a great alternative to hard-to-get, working LD players compatible with Pioneer MSX. It's also hard to get LDs with MSX games, I know something about that.
I am very interested in the PiLD topic, I have 2 PX7 (PAL) and I would love to see how the real MSX is doing.
I've already practiced this topic on the emulator and it all looks great.
I'm waiting for some good news.

By Manuel

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17-02-2022, 21:22

Note that the laserdisc games only work with an NTSC PX-7 or PX-V60.

By leonlas

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20-02-2022, 14:25

The fact that in the "original" it is so, I know that only NTSC but I thought that in PiLD it would not matter. Smile

By Stt1

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23-02-2022, 13:38

Apparently the timing issues were not solved, by reading the messages in this topic.

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