DAEWOO CPC-400 X-II DW64MX1 MAINBOARD for repair. 3 items

By MSX-User

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28-03-2019, 21:46


I have for selling 3 items of " DAEWOO CPC-400 X-II DW64MX1 MAINBOARD".I don't know real price.

This is the reason why I sell it on ebay (I am sorry):


If you need I can sell (you choose) it via MSX-FORUM


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By rjp

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08-04-2019, 12:59

I may be interested at least in two of them. I'm in Brazil, so let's talk about pricing and costs.

By MSX-User

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24-04-2019, 22:29

Yes. We can talk about it.

By rderooy

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26-04-2019, 08:51

This guy is basically just stripping a working MSX, and selling it for parts.

By MSX-User

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26-04-2019, 18:34

No, you are not right. I have working MSX not for sale and some parts for sale. I have final parts for sale: two PSU for Daewoo CPC400 and two keyboards. But I must to check them.

Oh, no. I have one whole Daewoo CPC-400 for sale.But I must check it before sale