Panasonic Turbo R GT potentially for sale

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By zoltari

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25-03-2021, 17:40

I'm thinking of selling my Panasonic Turbo R GT MSX computer.

The reason I'm thinking of selling? I rarely use it. It seems a shame to see a beautiful machine sitting and gathering dust.
I've been a serious collector of vintage games consoles and computer hardware for about 18 - 20 years so my collection (in my wife's words) has "become excessive".

The Turbo R. isk drive works: It's been serviced once to replace the belts but it has never stopped working in all the time I've owned it. If you search the forums here you can probably find the post I made when I first bought it back in 2003 (?).

It's got a Japanese power plug, obviously (I didn't realize this when I bought it, being naive and only ever having owned UK MSX systems).

It has a keyboard overlay strip - literally a strip of grey plastic that fits over the top row of keys showing alternate key press info for something: I've never figured out what exactly it is for as I can't read Japanese, but it was there when I bought it.

It also still has the Panasonic clear plastic sticker just under the space bar that I have seen on a lot of Turbo R machines. It would have been removed, back in the day, if I'd bought the machine new, but whomever the owner was decided to keep it on - I've never understood why people leave the shop display stickers on things, but I know some people also keep their sofas in the plastic coverings, so each to their own.

There's nothing much else to say about it - if you know what one is, you know it's a beautiful machine.
This one is clean, unscratched, well looked after and never abused. While it's not in 'factory' condition, it is still very nice - it has no problems and no damage to it anywhere.

I can ship it anywhere in the world, for a price, BUT it WILL be packed up VERY VERY well, that's not negotiable. This will add at fair bit to any world wide shipping costs and I'm in the UK, so bear in mind that cost. I won't sent it uninsured - I do want payment upfront BEFORE I send it anywhere and I'd appreciate proof of address etc as I've been scammed one tie too many.

I'd estimate shipping UK to UK to be around £44 (as I said, it will be very well packed and protected - so virtually impossible to damage) - I've been buying long enough to know that crap packing ruins everything. The things I've bought that have arrived smashed to bits is heart breaking, all for the sake of some skinflint skimping in packing material - it's not worth it).

Now, why am I only POTENTIALLY selling it?

Well, as I said, I don't use it so it's never even been switched on for two years (until today - it's been on for 4 hours now and it's working great). It's such a beautiful machine that I have a problem parting with it, UNLESS it goes to someone who really deserves it. By that I mean: I don't want to sell it to someone who will stick it in a cupboard (like I did) for 5 years then flog it on for a profit (assuming MSX is collectible in 5 years).

I'd LOVE it to go to someone who knows what it is, knows how it works, knows the MSX scene and how important this machine was for its time (I know it wasn't 'important' in a World sense - that's not what I mean). If you get what I'm talking about, you're probably the person I'd like to buy this machine.

I may consider swapping it for something - no idea what, but I'm open to (sensible) suggestions.

If you're interested, I can of course post photos (or send them to you if you email me). I haven't taken any pics yet, but I I will shortly (I've just had my Covid jab a I feel awful, so I may take a day or two to respond).

A bit of history on my collection:

I do have a LOT of stuff: I collect Digital Audio Tape machines, Games Consoles (I have one of each of most popular stuff, I'm missing some though. I'm trying to only collect things that have their boxes now, so they are complete.

As far as MSX hardware goes, I don't just collect the computers: I have Toshiba Music system keyboard, boxed and working - it's a beautiful machine that keyboard - very heavy and great quality. I will sell that too actually - for the right price.

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By Wierzbowsky

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25-03-2021, 20:21

Don't do something you will regret in a few years. The received cash is soon be gone, but the value of the machine will never go down. Keep it!

By selios2000

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25-03-2021, 19:58

Do not sell it.

By alexito

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25-03-2021, 21:37

Like me if I want to sell something from my collection I get used to try selling through Ebay teasing people to buy it for a big amount of money. if someone show up then you need to let it go but the pain will be less than sell it for cheap.

By black hawk

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25-03-2021, 23:34

A few years ago, mice in the basement destroyed my Turbo-R that I bought in 1993. Many years later I bought a new Turbo R that was really in very good condition. I had decided to spend more time with my MSX again, but unfortunately I just didn't have that time. So I had already considered selling the Turbo R. But I can not. I think that at some point I will have the time and then I will be happy not to have sold it. The Turbo R is so rare these days that it shouldn't be sold for any money in the world. But it is your decision. Smile

By st1mpy

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25-03-2021, 23:54

What did the mice do?

By black hawk

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26-03-2021, 01:06

die mäsue haben auf die tastatur geschissen und uriniert, alle kabel waren zerfressen, der urin lief auf die platinen und hat die schaltkreise verätzt. der computer war nur noch stinkender müll.

By black hawk

Expert (124)

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26-03-2021, 01:07

the mice shit on the keyboard and urinated, all the cables were eaten away, the urine ran onto the circuit boards and corroded the circuits. the computer was just smelly garbage.

By gustavobk

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26-03-2021, 05:57

Turbo R is a beautiful machine, and I agree with the comments above, if you have any doubt better keep it.
But if you are still decided to pass it to another collector, I would buy it.
I'm quite new in this forum, just lurking from year after year as a good old msx 1 nostalgic (brazilian msx 1 Gradiente Expert) and recently decided to actually build my collection, starting with a Panasonic FS A1WX I'm waiting to arrive from Spain, and of course the Turbo B is the "Holy Grail" for anyone getting back nowadays.
My plan is first to build a collection of course, specially the panasonic and sony models, second to get back to assembly programming and eventually try to create a game, and also stream the journey on Twitch.
I really want to show MSX on twitch specially because I've being living in Canada for the last 10 years and everybody here (and in the US) only talks about commodore. :/

By meits

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26-03-2021, 09:53

gustavobk wrote:

My plan is first to build a collection of course, specially the panasonic and sony models

Looks like I found my soulmate Smile I only have a Panasonic FS-A1GT to complete that wish, but I let go of that a bit since they become quite expensive lately.
Not sure what a GT in this case would cost, but I think the seller should better keep them. Having regrets of sold rarities is a bad feeling.

By Wierzbowsky

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26-03-2021, 21:08

black hawk wrote:

the mice shit on the keyboard and urinated, all the cables were eaten away, the urine ran onto the circuit boards and corroded the circuits. the computer was just smelly garbage.

If you saw my restoration of Yamaha YIS-805, you should know that no computer is completely lost. Do you still have that TurboR? I could try to restore it if you agree to sell it for a reasonable price. Disk drive is not needed.

Wir sind beide in Deutschland, so die Lieferung ist einfacher und billiger.

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