For Sale: The Tower ? of Cabin

By Metal_Geart

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21-10-2014, 21:32

Hi, I'm selling this game by Micro Cabin:

The Tower ? of Cabin

It's in a very good condition and complete:
- Box
- 3 game disks
- Extra sticker for game disk 1
- Game manual
- 1 extra sheet of paper with something written on it in Japanese Smile

I currently have it on sale on a dutch market site, but since I don't see it for sale that often, perhaps some of you might be interested as well.
Just send me an offer if you're interested.

Ow, I thought I'd add some pics as well, however I really don't know how (...embarrasing), since the interface asks me for an Image URL and I just have the pics on my computer. Perhaps someone can explain, or I can send the pics by mail if requested.

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By foobarry81

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21-10-2014, 23:34

Hi Metal_Geart,

to show the pics on here, go to an image host, e.g.

-On click on the "Upload Images" button top left
- click "Browse your computer".
- locate your image(s) on your computer and select it. Click "Open".
- then click "Start Upload".

Once the upload is done, you'll see a number of boxes with URLs to the right of the image. Select the link in the "Direct Link (email & IM)" box and use that one on here.

Hope that helps.

By Metal_Geart

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23-10-2014, 20:18

Indeed it does! Thanks for the instruction foobarry81.
Here are the pictures: